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Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Members with the Keyword Culture:
Bjornstad, Hall - French & Italian
France, Literature, Culture, Politics, Philosophy
Charnes, Linda - English
Renaissance, Gender and Sexuality, Culture, Politics
Felix-Brasdefer, Cesar - Spanish & Portuguese
Spain, Culture
Ham, Esther - Germanic Studies
Netherlands, Language, Culture, Linguistics
Hess, Frank - Institute for European Studies
Greece, Film, Migration, Culture
Turk, Johannes - Germanic Studies
Germany, Literature, Culture, Philosophy
Vieira, Estela - Spanish & Portuguese
Portugal, Spain, Literature, Culture, Film
Vila-Belda, Reyes - Spanish & Portuguese
Literature, Culture, Spain
Goering, Elizabeth - Journalism
Culture, Media, Germany
Nash, Richard - English
United Kingdom, Literature, Culture, 18th Century
Grossmann, Claudia - Germanic Studies
Germany, Culture
Hutchins, Michael - Germanic Studies
Germany, Culture, Film
Keller, Greg - Philosophy
Philosophy, Culture
Namorato, Luciana - Spanish & Portuguese
Spain, Literature, Culture
Bouchard, Vincent - French & Italian
Media, France, Culture, Literature

Reversing Inequality Series

EURO Brownbag Seminars, Spring 2015

 EURO receives CILC Pinnacle Award-Honorable Mention for 2013-2014!