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Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Members with the Keyword France:
Ansart, Guillaume - French & Italian
France, 18th Century, Politics, Literature, Philosophy
Auger, Julie - French & Italian
France, Linguistics, Language, Gender and Sexuality, Migration
Bahloul, Joelle - Anthropology
Memory, Migration, France, Italy, Jewish Studies
Bjørnstad, Hall - French & Italian
France, Literature, Culture, Politics, Philosophy
Bowles, Brett - French & Italian
20th Century, France, Germany, Film
Cookman, Claude - Journalism
Craiutu, Aurelian - Political Science
France, 20th Century, Politics
Gray, Margaret - French & Italian
France, Literature, Gender and Sexuality, 20th Century
Hellwig, Timothy - Political Science
Politics, Economics, France, European Union
Hertz, David - Comparative Literature
Italy, France, Literature, Music, Art
Hofstadter, Douglas - Cognitive Science
France, Italy, Mathematics
Isaac, Jeffrey - Political Science
20th Century, Germany, France
Julien, Eileen - French & Italian
France, Literature
MacPhail, Eric - French & Italian
Renaissance, France
McGerr, Rosemarie - Comparative Literature
Medieval, Literature, France, United Kingdom
Robinson, Jean - Political Science
Poland, France, Policy, Gender and Sexuality
Rottet, Kevin - French & Italian
France, Language, Linguistics
Royce, Anya Peterson - Anthropology
Poland, Ireland, France, Italy, Identity
Spang, Rebecca - History
France, Money, Economics
Valazza, Nicolas - French & Italian
France, Literature, Journalism, 19th Century
Vance, Barbara - French & Italian
France, Language, Linguistics, Medieval
Vitti, Alicia - French & Italian
Gender and Sexuality, Italy, France
Bloom, Jack - Sociology
Poland, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Social Movements, Race and Ethnicity
France, Popular Culture
History, France, Religion, Gender
Pooser, Charles - French & Italian
France, Language
France, Popular Culture
Medicine, France
Bouchard, Vincent - French & Italian
Media, France, Culture, Literature
Panaïté, Oana - French & Italian
Culture, Literature, France, Poetics, Politics, Exile, Diaspora, Immigration, Integration