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Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Members with the Keyword Germany:
Asher, Andrew - IU Libraries
European Union, Race and Ethnicity, Poland, Germany, Migration
Audretsch, David - School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Politics, Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia and Nordic, United Kingdom
Bowles, Brett - French & Italian
20th Century, France, Germany, Film
Breger, Claudia - Germanic Studies
Germany, Migration, Race and Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality, Film
Breithaupt, Fritz - Germanic Studies
Modernism, Germany, Austria, Money, Literature
Buxbaum, Hannah - Maurer School of Law
Law, Germany
Byler, Troy - Germanic Studies
Education, Germany, Language
Facos, Michelle - History of Art
Scandinavia and Nordic, Germany, Art
Duggan, Lynn - Labor Studies
Gender, Germany, Labor, Economics, Policy
Even, Susanne - Germanic Studies
Language, Education, Germany, Bilingual
Fulk, Robert - English
Germany, Language, Literature, Linguistics
Gliboff, Sander - History and Philosophy of Science
Germany, Austria
Hall, Tracy Alan - Germanic Studies
Germany, Linguistics
Hauskrecht, Andreas - Kelley School of Business
Economics, Money, European Union, Germany
Isaac, Jeffrey - Political Science
20th Century, Germany, France
Rasch, William - Germanic Studies
Germany, Philosophy, Literature, Politics
Robinson, Benjamin - Germanic Studies
Germany, Politics
Roos, Julia - History
Germany, Gender and Sexuality
Saletnik, Jeffrey - History of Art
Modernism, Education, Art, Germany
Scheuerman, Wlliam - Political Science
Politics, Germany, Law
Shapshay, Sandra - Philosophy
Germany, Philosophy
Türk, Johannes - Germanic Studies
Germany, Literature, Culture, Philosophy
Wagner, Brigitta - Germanic Studies
Memory, Film, Germany, Politics
Goering, Elizabeth - Journalism
Culture, Media, Germany
Chaouli, Michel - Germanic Studies
Germany, Literature
Bloom, Jack - Sociology
Poland, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Social Movements, Race and Ethnicity
Bersier, Gabrielle - Germanic Studies
Grossmann, Claudia - Germanic Studies
Germany, Culture
Hutchins, Michael - Germanic Studies
Germany, Culture, Film
Boyne, Shawn - McKinney School of Law
Germany, Western Europe, United Kingdom, Government
Zadoff, Mirjam - History
Jewish Studies, Migration, Germany, Austria, 19th Century, 20th Century
Zadoff, Noam - History
20th Century, Jewish Studies, Culture, Germany, Migration