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Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Members with the Keyword Italy:
Arnaudo, Marco - French & Italian
Literature, 17th Century, Italy
Bahloul, Joelle - Anthropology
Memory, Migration, France, Italy, Jewish Studies
Carmichael, Ann - History
Medicine, Renaissance, Italy
Field, Arthur - History
Renaissance, Italy
Gilley, Brian - Anthropology
Italy, Tourism, Government
Hertz, David - Comparative Literature
Italy, France, Literature, Music, Art
Hofstadter, Douglas - Cognitive Science
France, Italy, Mathematics
Ipsen, Carl - History
Italy, 19th Century, 20th Century
Knox, Giles - History of Art
Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Art, Renaissance
Ossi, Massimo - Jacobs School of Music
17th Century, Italy, Music, Literature
20th Century, Italy, Government
Royce, Anya Peterson - Anthropology
Poland, Ireland, France, Italy, Identity
Vitti, Alicia - French & Italian
Gender and Sexuality, Italy, France
Ciccarelli, Andrea - French & Italian
Scalabrini, Massimo - French & Italian
Renaissance, Literature, Italy