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Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Members with the Keyword Literature:
Renaissance, Literature, Gender and Sexuality, United Kingdom, Politics
Ansart, Guillaume - French & Italian
France, 18th Century, Politics, Literature, Philosophy
Arnaudo, Marco - French & Italian
Literature, 17th Century, Italy
Bieder, Maryellen - Spanish & Portuguese
Spain, Literature, Gender and Sexuality
Bjørnstad, Hall - French & Italian
France, Literature, Culture, Politics, Philosophy
Breithaupt, Fritz - Germanic Studies
Modernism, Germany, Austria, Money, Literature
Clüver, Claus - Comparative Literature
Literature, Music, Art
Dinverno, Melissa - Spanish & Portuguese
Spain, Gender and Sexuality, Literature, Film
Fraser, Catherine - Germanic Studies
Language, Education, Scandinavia and Nordic, Literature
Fulk, Robert - English
Germany, Language, Literature, Linguistics
Gayk, Shannon - English
Literature, Medieval, Art, United Kingdom
Gray, Margaret - French & Italian
France, Literature, Gender and Sexuality, 20th Century
Greiner, Rae - English
19th Century, United Kingdom, Literature
Harding, Çiğdem Balım - Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Language, Muslim, Literature
Hertz, David - Comparative Literature
Italy, France, Literature, Music, Art
Johnston, Bill - Comparative Literature
Poland, Literature, Eastern Europe
Julien, Eileen - French & Italian
France, Literature
Literature, United Kingdom
Marks, Herbert - Comparative Literature
Literature, Psychology
May, Gergana - Germanic Studies
Scandinavia and Nordic, Literature, Language
McGerr, Rosemarie - Comparative Literature
Medieval, Literature, France, United Kingdom
Mejías-López, Alejandro - Spanish & Portuguese
Literature, Modernism, Gender and Sexuality
Ossi, Massimo - Jacobs School of Music
17th Century, Italy, Music, Literature
Rasch, William - Germanic Studies
Germany, Philosophy, Literature, Politics
Rosenfeld, Alvin - Jewish Studies
Jewish Studies, Literature
Türk, Johannes - Germanic Studies
Germany, Literature, Culture, Philosophy
Valazza, Nicolas - French & Italian
France, Literature, Journalism, 19th Century
Vieira, Estela - Spanish & Portuguese
Portugal, Spain, Literature, Culture, Film
Vila-Belda, Reyes - Spanish & Portuguese
Literature, Culture, Spain
Wagschal, Steven - Spanish & Portuguese
Literature, Philosophy, Spain, Portugal, Art
Watt, Stephen - English
Ireland, Literature, Education, United Kingdom
Chaouli, Michel - Germanic Studies
Germany, Literature
Nash, Richard - English
United Kingdom, Literature, Culture, 18th Century
Ardemagni, Enrica - Spanish & Portuguese
Medieval, Literature
White, Eva Roa - English
Literature, Migration
Namorato, Luciana - Spanish & Portuguese
Spain, Literature, Culture
Bouchard, Vincent - French & Italian
Media, France, Culture, Literature
Calhoun, Alison - French & Italian
Early Modern France, Drama, Literature
Panaïté, Oana - French & Italian
Culture, Literature, France, Poetics, Politics, Exile, Diaspora, Immigration, Integration
Scalabrini, Massimo - French & Italian
Renaissance, Literature, Italy
Niżyńska, Joanna - Slavic & East European Languages and Culture
Poland, Memory, Trauma, Literature, Culture