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Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Members with the Keyword Migration:
Aman, Alfred - Maurer School of Law
Asher, Andrew - IU Libraries
European Union, Race and Ethnicity, Poland, Germany, Migration
Auger, Julie - French & Italian
France, Linguistics, Language, Gender and Sexuality, Migration
Bahloul, Joelle - Anthropology
Memory, Migration, France, Italy, Jewish Studies
Breger, Claudia - Germanic Studies
Germany, Migration, Race and Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality, Film
Hess, Frank - Institute for European Studies
Greece, Film, Migration, Culture
Kalentzidou, Olga - International Studies
Migration, Memory, Identity, Greece
Korytova, Stepanka - International Studies
European Union, Migration, Eastern Europe, United Kingdom
McManus, Patricia - Sociology
Migration, Race and Ethnicity, Policy, Labor
Nordahl, Per - International Studies
Migration, Scandinavia and Nordic, Policy
Sinno, Abdulkader - Political Science
Migration, Muslim
Spechler, Martin - Economics
Migration, European Union, Eastern Europe
Trix, Frances - Anthropology
Eastern Europe, Migration
Karakatsanis, Neovi - Political Science
Olson, Daron W. - History
Identity, Nationalism, Scandinavia and Nordic, Migration
White, Eva Roa - English
Literature, Migration
Dunn, Elizabeth - Geography
Migration, European Union, Poland, humanitarianism
Zadoff, Mirjam - History
Jewish Studies, Migration, Germany, Austria, 19th Century, 20th Century
Zadoff, Noam - History
20th Century, Jewish Studies, Culture, Germany, Migration