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Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Members with the Keyword %keyword:name:
Agranoff, Robert - School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Spain, Government
Aman, Alfred - Maurer School of Law
Renaissance, Literature, Gender and Sexuality, United Kingdom, Politics
Wise, Lois - School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Scandinavia and Nordic, Policy, European Union
Ansart, Guillaume - French & Italian
France, 18th Century, Politics, Literature, Philosophy
Applegate, John - Maurer School of Law
Environment, Law
Arnaudo, Marco - French & Italian
Literature, 17th Century, Italy
Asher, Andrew - IU Libraries
European Union, Race and Ethnicity, Poland, Germany, Migration
Audretsch, David - School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Politics, Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia and Nordic, United Kingdom
Auger, Julie - French & Italian
France, Linguistics, Language, Gender and Sexuality, Migration
Bahloul, Joelle - Anthropology
Memory, Migration, France, Italy, Jewish Studies
Bieder, Maryellen - Spanish & Portuguese
Spain, Literature, Gender and Sexuality
Bjørnstad, Hall - French & Italian
France, Literature, Culture, Politics, Philosophy
Bonser, Charles - School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Borhi, Laszlo - Central Eurasian Studies
Eastern Europe, 20th Century
Bowles, Brett - French & Italian
20th Century, France, Germany, Film
Breger, Claudia - Germanic Studies
Germany, Migration, Race and Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality, Film
Breithaupt, Fritz - Germanic Studies
Modernism, Germany, Austria, Money, Literature
Brooks, Clem - Sociology
Politics, Psychology
Buxbaum, Hannah - Maurer School of Law
Law, Germany
Byler, Troy - Germanic Studies
Education, Germany, Language
Carmichael, Ann - History
Medicine, Renaissance, Italy
Charnes, Linda - English
Renaissance, Gender and Sexuality, Culture, Politics
Chen, Joseph - School of Public Health
Tourism, Environment
Clements, Joseph - Linguistics
Spain, Portugal, Linguistics, Language
Clüver, Claus - Comparative Literature
Literature, Music, Art
Cookman, Claude - Journalism
Coyle, Gene - Slavic & East European Languages and Culture
Foreign Policy, Western Europe
Craiutu, Aurelian - Political Science
France, 20th Century, Politics
Dinverno, Melissa - Spanish & Portuguese
Spain, Gender and Sexuality, Literature, Film
Facos, Michelle - History of Art
Scandinavia and Nordic, Germany, Art
Duggan, Lynn - Labor Studies
Gender, Germany, Labor, Economics, Policy
Even, Susanne - Germanic Studies
Language, Education, Germany, Bilingual
Field, Arthur - History
Renaissance, Italy
Fraser, Catherine - Germanic Studies
Language, Education, Scandinavia and Nordic, Literature
Fratianni, Michele - Kelley School of Business
Money, Finance, European Union
Fulk, Robert - English
Germany, Language, Literature, Linguistics
Gayk, Shannon - English
Literature, Medieval, Art, United Kingdom
Gealt, Adelheid - History of Art
Geeslin, Kimberly - Spanish & Portuguese
Bilingual, Spain, Language, Politics
Gilley, Brian - Anthropology
Italy, Tourism, Government
Gliboff, Sander - History and Philosophy of Science
Germany, Austria
Glomm, Gerhard - Economics
Education, Economics
Gray, Margaret - French & Italian
France, Literature, Gender and Sexuality, 20th Century
Greer, Charles - Geography
Environment, Landscape, Scandinavia and Nordic
Greiner, Rae - English
19th Century, United Kingdom, Literature
Felix-Brasdefer, Cesar - Spanish & Portuguese
Spain, Culture
Grønbjerg, Kirsten - School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Scandinavia and Nordic, Politics
Hall, Tracy Alan - Germanic Studies
Germany, Linguistics
Ham, Esther - Germanic Studies
Netherlands, Language, Culture, Linguistics
Harding, Çiğdem Balım - Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Language, Muslim, Literature
Hauskrecht, Andreas - Kelley School of Business
Economics, Money, European Union, Germany
Hellwig, Timothy - Political Science
Politics, Economics, France, European Union
Hertz, David - Comparative Literature
Italy, France, Literature, Music, Art
Hess, Frank - Institute for European Studies
Greece, Film, Migration, Culture
Hofstadter, Douglas - Cognitive Science
France, Italy, Mathematics
Illas, Edgar - Spanish & Portuguese
Ipsen, Carl - History
Italy, 19th Century, 20th Century
Isaac, Jeffrey - Political Science
20th Century, Germany, France
Johnson, Owen - History
Johnston, Bill - Comparative Literature
Poland, Literature, Eastern Europe
Julien, Eileen - French & Italian
France, Literature
Kalentzidou, Olga - International Studies
Migration, Memory, Identity, Greece
Knox, Giles - History of Art
Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Art, Renaissance
Knudsen, Dan - Geography
Tourism, Landscape, Scandinavia and Nordic
Korytova, Stepanka - International Studies
European Union, Migration, Eastern Europe, United Kingdom
Literature, United Kingdom
Lochrie, Karma - English
Medieval, Gender and Sexuality, United Kingdom
MacPhail, Eric - French & Italian
Renaissance, France
Mafi-Kreft, Elham - Kelley School of Business
Finance, Policy, European Union, Money
Marks, Herbert - Comparative Literature
Literature, Psychology
May, Gergana - Germanic Studies
Scandinavia and Nordic, Literature, Language
McCarty, Luise - School of Education
Philosophy, Education
Hakken, David - School of Informatics and Computing
United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Nordic, Education, Labor
McGerr, Rosemarie - Comparative Literature
Medieval, Literature, France, United Kingdom
McManus, Patricia - Sociology
Migration, Race and Ethnicity, Policy, Labor
Mejías-López, Alejandro - Spanish & Portuguese
Literature, Modernism, Gender and Sexuality
Meli, Domenico Bertoloni - History and Philosophy of Science
Mathematics, Medicine, Renaissance
Nordahl, Per - International Studies
Migration, Scandinavia and Nordic, Policy
Ossi, Massimo - Jacobs School of Music
17th Century, Italy, Music, Literature
20th Century, Italy, Government
Phillips, Sarah - Anthropology
Rasch, William - Germanic Studies
Germany, Philosophy, Literature, Politics
Barton, Keith - School of Education
Ireland, Identity, Education
Raun, Toivo - Central Eurasian Studies
Scandinavia and Nordic
Robinson, Benjamin - Germanic Studies
Germany, Politics
Robinson, Jean - Political Science
Poland, France, Policy, Gender and Sexuality
Rodriguez-Mondonedo, Miguel - Spanish & Portuguese
Spain, Linguistics
Roos, Julia - History
Germany, Gender and Sexuality
Rosenfeld, Alvin - Jewish Studies
Jewish Studies, Literature
Rothstein, Bret - History of Art
Art, 17th Century
Rottet, Kevin - French & Italian
France, Language, Linguistics
Royce, Anya Peterson - Anthropology
Poland, Ireland, France, Italy, Identity
Rutkowski, David - School of Education
Education, Policy
Sadlier, Darlene - Spanish & Portuguese
Portugal, Language
Saletnik, Jeffrey - History of Art
Modernism, Education, Art, Germany
Scheuerman, Wlliam - Political Science
Politics, Germany, Law
Schickore, Jutta - History and Philosophy of Science
Philosophy, 19th Century
Shackelford, Scott - Kelley School of Business
Policy, Law, Environment
Shapshay, Sandra - Philosophy
Germany, Philosophy
Sinno, Abdulkader - Political Science
Migration, Muslim
Spang, Rebecca - History
France, Money, Economics
Spechler, Martin - Economics
Migration, European Union, Eastern Europe
Sprouse, Rex - Germanic Studies
Austria, Scandinavia and Nordic, Linguistics, Bilingual
Trix, Frances - Anthropology
Eastern Europe, Migration
Türk, Johannes - Germanic Studies
Germany, Literature, Culture, Philosophy
Valazza, Nicolas - French & Italian
France, Literature, Journalism, 19th Century
Vance, Barbara - French & Italian
France, Language, Linguistics, Medieval
Vieira, Estela - Spanish & Portuguese
Portugal, Spain, Literature, Culture, Film
Vila-Belda, Reyes - Spanish & Portuguese
Literature, Culture, Spain
Vitti, Alicia - French & Italian
Gender and Sexuality, Italy, France
Wagner, Brigitta - Germanic Studies
Memory, Film, Germany, Politics
Wagschal, Steven - Spanish & Portuguese
Literature, Philosophy, Spain, Portugal, Art
Watt, Stephen - English
Ireland, Literature, Education, United Kingdom
Winecoff, William - Political Science
Money, Finance
Abshire, Jean - Political Science
Politics, Nationalism
Cramer, Kevin - History
Goering, Elizabeth - Journalism
Culture, Media, Germany
Karakatsanis, Neovi - Political Science
McCormick, John - Political Science
European Union, United Kingdom, Environment
White, Robert W. - Sociology
Social Movements, Ireland
Zulaica, Iker - Spanish & Portuguese
Storey, Wayne - French & Italian
Chaouli, Michel - Germanic Studies
Germany, Literature
Medieval, Western Europe
Nash, Richard - English
United Kingdom, Literature, Culture, 18th Century
Gade, Kari Ellen - Germanic Studies
Scandinavia and Nordic, Medieval
Bucur, Maria - History
Eastern Europe
Bloom, Jack - Sociology
Poland, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Social Movements, Race and Ethnicity
France, Popular Culture
Haas, Linda - Sociology
Hyatt, Susan Brin - Anthropology
United Kingdom, Policy, Social Movements
Kahn, Samuel - Philosophy
History, France, Religion, Gender
Parrish-Sprowl, John - Journalism
Communication, Media, Education
Tilley, John - Philosophy
Anton, Marta - Spanish & Portuguese
Education, Linguistics, Bilingual
Ardemagni, Enrica - Spanish & Portuguese
Medieval, Literature
Bersier, Gabrielle - Germanic Studies
Bertrand, Didier - French & Italian
Post-colonial studies, Feminism
Carstensen, Thorsten - Germanic Studies
Emmert, Frank - McKinney School of Law
Fedor, Thomas S. - Geography
Fischer, Bernd - History
Southern Europe
Grossmann, Claudia - Germanic Studies
Germany, Culture
Sheeler, Kristina - Journalism
Communication, Gender, Identity
Hutchins, Michael - Germanic Studies
Germany, Culture, Film
Keller, Greg - Philosophy
Philosophy, Culture
Kelly, Jason M. - History
18th Century, United Kingdom, Gender
Miller, Kate - French & Italian
Mullins, Paul - Anthropology
Archaeology, Popular Culture, Race and Ethnicity, Scandinavia and Nordic
Olson, Daron W. - History
Identity, Nationalism, Scandinavia and Nordic, Migration
Pooser, Charles - French & Italian
France, Language
Popescu, Gabriel - Geography
France, Popular Culture
Medicine, France
Thill, Elizabeth - Anthropology
Van Wyke, Ben - Spanish & Portuguese
Spain, Education
White, Eva Roa - English
Literature, Migration
Zwicker, Lisa - History
Jewish Studies, Gender
Craig, David - History
Religion, Ethics
Davis, Thomas - History
Religion, Reformation
Haas, Ain - Sociology
Scandinavia and Nordic, Music, Labor
Bjork, Jonas - Journalism
Scandinavia and Nordic, Journalism, Media
Namorato, Luciana - Spanish & Portuguese
Spain, Literature, Culture
Boyne, Shawn - McKinney School of Law
Germany, Western Europe, United Kingdom, Government
Bouchard, Vincent - French & Italian
Media, France, Culture, Literature
Dunn, Elizabeth - Geography
Migration, European Union, Poland, humanitarianism
O'Brien, Diana - Political Science
Politics, Government, Gender, Gender and Sexuality, United Kingdom, Western Europe
Ciccarelli, Andrea - French & Italian
Bielasiak, Jack - Political Science
Democratization, Parties and elections, Post-communism
Calhoun, Alison - French & Italian
Early Modern France, Drama, Literature
Cashman, Ray - Folklore & Ethnomusicology
Ireland, Popular Culture, Memory, Identity, Nationalism, United Kingdom
Graham, John - School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Regulatory Cooperation, Trade, Energy, Environment
Keller, Hildegard Elisabeth - Germanic Studies
Art, Film, Identity, Media, Medicine, Religion, Spain, Switzerland
McDonald, David - Folklore & Ethnomusicology
Ireland, Nationalism, Music, Folklore, Sectarianism, Performance
Panaïté, Oana - French & Italian
Culture, Literature, France, Poetics, Politics, Exile, Diaspora, Immigration, Integration
Raymond, Angie - Kelley School of Business
Law, Finance, United Kingdom, European Union, Foreign Policy
Scalabrini, Massimo - French & Italian
Renaissance, Literature, Italy
Waters, Timothy - Maurer School of Law
Eastern Europe, Law, Memory, Nationalism
Zadoff, Mirjam - History
Jewish Studies, Migration, Germany, Austria, 19th Century, 20th Century
Zadoff, Noam - History
20th Century, Jewish Studies, Culture, Germany, Migration
Antić, Marina - Slavic & East European Languages and Culture
Balkans, Culture, Post-colonialism, Marxism
Jikeli, Günther - Jewish Studies
Antisemitism, Racism, Europe, Minorities, Muslims, Jews, Discrimination
Niżyńska, Joanna - Slavic & East European Languages and Culture
Poland, Memory, Trauma, Literature, Culture
Lave, Rebecca - Geography
21st Century, Environment, Policy, Regulatory Cooperation, Western Europe