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Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Members with the Keyword Spain:
Agranoff, Robert - School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Spain, Government
Bieder, Maryellen - Spanish & Portuguese
Spain, Literature, Gender and Sexuality
Clements, Joseph - Linguistics
Spain, Portugal, Linguistics, Language
Dinverno, Melissa - Spanish & Portuguese
Spain, Gender and Sexuality, Literature, Film
Geeslin, Kimberly - Spanish & Portuguese
Bilingual, Spain, Language, Politics
Felix-Brasdefer, Cesar - Spanish & Portuguese
Spain, Culture
Illas, Edgar - Spanish & Portuguese
Knox, Giles - History of Art
Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Art, Renaissance
Rodriguez-Mondonedo, Miguel - Spanish & Portuguese
Spain, Linguistics
Vieira, Estela - Spanish & Portuguese
Portugal, Spain, Literature, Culture, Film
Vila-Belda, Reyes - Spanish & Portuguese
Literature, Culture, Spain
Wagschal, Steven - Spanish & Portuguese
Literature, Philosophy, Spain, Portugal, Art
Van Wyke, Ben - Spanish & Portuguese
Spain, Education
Namorato, Luciana - Spanish & Portuguese
Spain, Literature, Culture
Keller, Hildegard Elisabeth - Germanic Studies
Art, Film, Identity, Media, Medicine, Religion, Spain, Switzerland