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Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Members with the Keyword United Kingdom:
Renaissance, Literature, Gender and Sexuality, United Kingdom, Politics
Audretsch, David - School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Politics, Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia and Nordic, United Kingdom
Gayk, Shannon - English
Literature, Medieval, Art, United Kingdom
Greiner, Rae - English
19th Century, United Kingdom, Literature
Korytova, Stepanka - International Studies
European Union, Migration, Eastern Europe, United Kingdom
Linton, Joan - English
Literature, United Kingdom
Lochrie, Karma - English
Medieval, Gender and Sexuality, United Kingdom
Hakken, David - School of Informatics and Computing
United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Nordic, Education, Labor
McGerr, Rosemarie - Comparative Literature
Medieval, Literature, France, United Kingdom
Watt, Stephen - English
Ireland, Literature, Education, United Kingdom
McCormick, John - Political Science
European Union, United Kingdom, Environment
Nash, Richard - English
United Kingdom, Literature, Culture, 18th Century
Bloom, Jack - Sociology
Poland, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Social Movements, Race and Ethnicity
Hyatt, Susan Brin - Anthropology
United Kingdom, Policy, Social Movements
Kelly, Jason M. - History
18th Century, United Kingdom, Gender
Boyne, Shawn - McKinney School of Law
Germany, Western Europe, United Kingdom, Government
O'Brien, Diana - Political Science
Politics, Government, Gender, Gender and Sexuality, United Kingdom, Western Europe

Reversing Inequality Series

EURO Brownbag Seminars, Spring 2015

 EURO receives CILC Pinnacle Award-Honorable Mention for 2013-2014!