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This course is offered in the fall semester and runs in 2010 from Aug. 30 through December 17.This site map provides you with links to the various components in HPER F460/F560, Grief in a Family Context. If you have any questions about this course, please contact the instructor, Kathleen Gilbert, at, or by phone at 812-855-5209.

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Course Topics and Projected Schedule -- You should print out a copy of this page, as it breaks the class down into "due weeks" (that is, the weeks in which we focus on each of the topics).

These links will be updated as we approach the fall semester and will all be updated at least 2 weeks before the unit is taught.

Preunit -- Preparation for Class
Unit 1 -- What is Grief?
Unit 2 -- The Family Context
Unit 3 -- Culture
Unit 4 -- Developmental Issues #1
Unit 5 -- Developmental Issues #2
Unit 6 -- Roles and Relationships
Unit 7 -- Gender and Personality
Unit 8 -- Complicated Nature of Grief in Families
Unit 9 -- Ambiguous Loss and Disenfranchised Grief
Unit 10 -- Chronic Grief (Or is it Periodic Grief?)
Unit 11 -- Anticipated Losses and Anticipatory Grief
Unit 12 -- Traumatic Loss and Grief
Unit 13 -- Making Decisions in a Family Context
Unit 14 -- Ceremonies and Rituals for Connection and Change

Resources and Background

Course Requirements and Grading
Readings and Materials
Anthology and Texts (non-web-based readings)
Practical Grief Resources
Lifestories Archive
Multucultural Links
Cross-cultural Interviews
Instructions for doing cross-cultural interviews
Course Visitors

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