To a doctor, an irreversible cessation of various bodily functions:defeat.

To a wife or husband, a completion of a vow, a promise kept:parting.

To a Buddhist, a new beginning, the continuing cycle of life:reincarnation.

To an anthropologist, a story, history and culture:discovery.

To a Hospice worker, an assisted journey, a job well done:caring.

To a biologist, the natural order of things, life's cycle:data.

To a Christian, a chariot, carrying one into God's outstretched arms:transportation.

To an addict, a battle lost, the struggle for control finally ended:peace.

To a grieving parent, what could have been, hopes and dreams:futureless.

To a minister, a duty, seeing sad faces, a service to perform:funeral.

To a fellow employee, a carpool route changed, no raffle shared:ex-employee.

To a family member, loved one missing, doubt, is she, he, still alive:questions.

To a teammate, a moment of silence, a replacement player:reality.

To a teacher, an empty seat, a crossed out name:opening.

To an undertaker, skills at work, showing coffins and wares:business.

To a trucker's family, so long good buddy, catch you on the flip side:ten-four.


Written by Don Hall on 3-19-98