God had a plan……….…
A tribute to mom – 01/16/1917 – 08/16/2004)

They married in depression years  - in 1934
To make ends meet they depended on their love.
Starting a family and making a living was their goal –
So from Green Bay to Dearborn they surely had to move.

Years passed as they dreamt of having a child
Soon separation during war years came.
God had a plan – so they never more did question.
Still hoping for a child and planning a name.

In the fall of ‘44 – a pregnancy began
Dad said, “keep it a secret, till we have no doubt.”
Mom had waited oh so long – she was bursting at the seams.
So soon they told the world and did it with a shout!

Three weeks before delivery, another surprise unfolded
The Doctor was quite certain – 2 heartbeats he did hear.
They planned for one and now there’s two!
God had a plan – a time for happiness – no need for a tear.

The day of birth arrived – her labor long and intense
First a little girl – born healthy as can be.
Then a tiny son – which God quickly took away.
All in God’s master plan that someday she will see.

The little girl grew up - a twinless twin was she -
Her brother, named Gary, she never got to know
Mom and dad – with a single child to raise
Were always there for her, helping her to grow.

Then one day in ’79 – God came and took dad home.
She grieved and her heart upon her sleeve she wore.
Mom, her daughter and family soon lived under one roof.
God had a plan – to question never more.

Mom spent most of her life giving to others
Crafting, sewing, painting, carving or sharing.
Her love of nature kept her close to God.
He always guided her and kept her ever so caring.

While she often called herself plain and never did like frills.
A more beautiful person I’ve never known
A warm, loving, joyful heart attested by all that knew her.
God had a plan – And now the time has come.

She taught me to trust, believe and place my faith in God.
More than a mother, she was my friend
Her love extended to my children, like a second mom
Her memories, her love and values will never end.

She’s left behind a legacy – for which we’ll all be rich
She’s reached out and touched so many of our hearts.
We’ll each remember her for reasons of our own.
God had a plan – and she has been a part.

I’ve had her 59 years – now it’s my brother’s turn
God has called her home to meet the son she bore.
So while I’ll miss her dearly and cry my selfish tears
I now know God’s plan – and I will ask no more.

                                                 Bonnie D. Hilberer