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Many of these were recommended by bereaved persons. You may want to check the Resource Bibliography as well. Boerstler, Richard. W., & Kornfeld, Hulen. S. Life to Death: Harmonizing the Transition. Rochester, VT : Inner Traditions, (1-800-246-8648).

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Koven, Mara and Pearl, Liz (eds.)(2007). Mourning has broken: A collection of creative writing and grief and healing. KOPE Associates.

Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead -- Diaries 1929 - 1932 (the introduction was especiallly recommended).

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Ross, Eleanora. After Suicide: A Ray of Hope. Iowa City IA: Lynn Publications. c/o Ray of Hope, P.O. Box 2323, Iowa City, IA 52244.

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Stone, Richard (1994). Stories: The Family Legacy, A Guide for Recollection and Sharing. Maitland, FL: Story Work Institute. (phone 407-767-0067)

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Van-Si, Laurie, & Powers, Lynn (1994) Helping Children Heal from Loss: A Keepsale Book of Special Memories. Portland, OR: Continuing Education Press.

Weems, Ann, Psalms of Lament. Westminster John Knox Press.

Welshon, John E. (2000). Awakening from Grief: Finding the Road Back to Joy. Open Heart Publications.

Young, Margaret Lady, Agartha, Journey to the Stars, especially "The Three Stage Through Trauma" (p. 273 from chapter: 'The Experience of Healing'), Stillpoint Publishing, (1-800-847-4014).

The following recommendations were posted on

*** "Talk to God, I'll Get the Message": an unusual and tender approach in helping a young person understand death and dying. Available in Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Spanish and African-American versions ($4. 95)

*** "I Don't Want to Visit Grandma Anymore": A realistic story of understanding aging, illness and the use and purpose of nursing homes in modern society ($4.95).

*** "The Last Teenage Suicide": This book not only offers some insight and understanding of the problem of teenage suicide, but also offers some possible solutions ($7.95).

*** "Unto Dust You Shall Return": A story written to help explain the process of cremation ($4.95).

These books are available individually for the prices listed above. Quantity discounts are available. For more information, write to KJBK74B@PRODIGY.COM, or call 1-800-261-0081 and leave a message for Andrea [From: (Andrea Baron)]

Links to Books and Bibliographies on the Web

Pamphlets, Magazines, etc.

Websites, E-mail Addresses and/or Postal Addresses for Support Groups


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