Who's Who In Amber
Kenn Crook
© 1993

**NOTE** If you read all of this there are at least a few plot spoilers for the books, be forewarned...

The following are 'most' of the names from both Amber series.  I have included information from the Amber Visual Guide as well. Also I've included some of the information from the forward by Roger Zelazny which appeared in the Combat Command book, titled "Roger Zelazny's Nine Princes In Amber, The Black Road War" by Neil Randall. This gives info on some of Oberon's wives as well as mentioning Mirelle, Random's sister who died. That's where the Visual Guide got this info, BTW.  The 'colors' for the various Amberites were done for the 1988 Amber Board game and copied in both the "Black Road War" and the Visual Guide.

Updated 9/23/93: I have added more people from the last book, corrected a few mistakes and added a section on places, terms and miscellaneous info.


Benedict (Weapon Master of Amber)

Bleys Brand (Supposedly dead, slain by Caine at Patternfall War) Caine (Supposed to be dead, killed by Rinaldo/Luke) Coral Corwin (Carl Corey, Cordell Fennevall [in France]) Dalt Delwin Deirdre (Supposedly dead, dragged into the Abyss by Brand in the Patternfall War) Eric (Supposedly dead, killed by Manticore while defending Amber & wearing the Jewel) Finndo (Supposedly killed in service to Amber) Fiona (Fi) Florimel (Flora, Evelyn Flaumel) Gerard (Protector of the seas of the Golden Circle) Julian (Protector of the forests of Arden) Llewella Martin Merlin (Merle Corey) Osric (Supposedly killed in battle) Random (Now King of Amber) Rinaldo (A.K.A. Lucas Raynard/Luke) Sand THE ANCIENT ONES-

Dworkin Barimen

Oberon (Supposedly died re-drawing the Pattern during the Pattern Fall War) The Unicorn THE CHAOSIANS-

Amblerash, Lord Bances

Chanicut, Prince Tubble (Thought to have fallen into the Pit at Swayvill's funeral) Helgram, Lintra Helgram, Suhuy (Master Of The Logrus) Hendrake, Duchess Belissa Minobee Hendrake, Lord Borel Hendrake, Chinaway (supposedly killed by Pattern Ghost of Gerard) Hendrake, Gilva Hendrake, Duke (General) Larsus Minobee Jasra Jesby, Prince Rolovians. Jesby, Tmer (Said to have been killed by an assassin's dagger) Sawall, Dara (Mistress Of The Logrus) Sawall, Despil Sawall, Gramble Sawall, Jurt Sawall, Mandor Swayvil (Supposedly dead, died of old age/years of poisoning) OTHERS-

Alice Roth

Arkans Bill Roth Bill Roth Jr. Captain Thoben Carmel Carmella Cordell Fennevall Cymnea Dan Martinez (Supposedly dead, killed by Luke) Deela the Desacratrix Dik Droppa Ma'Pantz Dybele Faiella Gail Ganelon George Hansen Glait Glemdenning Gryll Harla Hugi James (Jamie) Jaston (Supposedly dead, "fell" from a balcony...) Jopin Julia Kergma Kinta Kwan Sir Lancelot duLac (Lance) Lir Lora Lord Bayle Lord Chantris Lord Feldane Lord Rein Lorraine Meg Devlin Moins (Supposed to be dead, Old Queen of Rebma) Moire (Queen of Rebma) Morganthe Morgenstern Nayda Old John Orkuz Paulette Rhanda Rick Kinsky Rilga Roger Rolf Scrof (Supposedly dead, killed by Merlin) Sharu Garrul Star Tiger Vialle (Queen of Amber)

Victor Melman (Supposedly dead, killed by Merlin with Primal Chaos)



Arbor House Arden Forest Avalon Avernus "Ballad of the Water Crossers" Baylesport Begma Black Watch Bloody _______'s Book of the Serpent Hung upon the Tree of Matter Byway Cabra Cathedral of the Serpent Cycle Dalgarry Death Alley Dr. Bailey Dr. Brandon Corey Eregnor Faiella-Bionin Fire Gate Fortress Gantu Greenwood Private Hospital Grove of the Unicorn Hall of Mirrors Heerat Irish Wolfhounds Jidrash Jones Falls Kashfa Keep Of Four Worlds Lorraine Mandorways Maze Of Art Pit Of Chaos Plaza at the End of the World Porter Sanitarium Rebma Red-Gold Serpent River Oisen Texorami Thelbane Tir-na Nog'th Turning Valley of Garnath Way of the Serpent Ways of Anch Wildwood  
(Children of Oberon total 47 including illigitimates...)

Dworkin-Unicorn                                                 Oberon-Cymnea
               |                                                                            |
         Oberon                                                Benedict-Osric-Finndo

Oberon-Deela the Desacratrix                         Oberon-Rilga
             |                                                                               |
         Dalt                                                           Caine-Julian-Gerard

Oberon-Lora                                                        Oberon-Faiella
             |                                                                              |
  Delwin-Sand                                                      Eric-Corwin-Deirdre

Oberon-Clarissa                                                 Oberon-Kinta
             |                                                                             |
Fiona-Bleys-Brand                                                     Coral

Oberon-Moins (Rebman Queen)                    Oberon-Paulette
             |                                                                             |
      Llewella                                                        Random-Mirelle

Oberon-Dybele                                                  Oberon-Harla
             |                                                                             |
         Flora                                                               None Known

Benedict-Lintra (Hellmaid)                             Corwin-Dara
              ||| (Great Grand-Daughter)                            |
          Dara?                                                               Merlin

Random-Morganthe                                         Dara-Duke Sawall
               |                                                                       |
         Martin                                                          Jurt-Despil

Random-Vialle                                                    Benedict-Gaea
              |                                                                               |
          Paul                                                                        Terra

Brand-Jasra                                                          Llewella-Lyric
           |                                                                                  |
Rinaldo (Luke)                                                                 Gil