by Kenn Crook
© 1994

I designed this system to allow for more flexibility and customization of Amber characters. Using only the 4 basic Attributes of Psyche, Strength, Endurance and Warfare can lead to many ambiguities that this system helps to dispel. Also, it allows for the Chess master who is not a deadly martial arts opponent, et al.


Overall Stat:

Points Rating Warfare Example
150 Legendary Benedict
100 Top Contender Corwin or Eric
75 Exceptional Bleys
50 Very Good Julian
25 Good Random
Amber Maximum Earth Potential Musashi
Chaos Normal Earth Maximum Bruce Lee
Human Normal From Joe Average to Black Belt

Points Rating Warfare Example
220 Without Peer Benedict
160 Top Contender Corwin or Eric
120 Exceptional Bleys
70 Very Good Gerard
50 Good Random
25 Maximum Earth Potential Musashi
15 Normal Earth Maximum Bruce Lee
1-5 Normal From Joe Average to Black Belt

Psyche- Esoteric Sensitivity- This is the ability to passively sense things beyond the normal range of senses. It is most important for Trump artists as the skills Sense Trump, Trump Identification, Trump Spying, Trump Trap and Trump Memory are directly determined by this sub-attribute. Additionally, this sub-stat determines the amount of time required by the artist in order to get a Psychic Impression of either a person or place to be drawn. Lastly, an Amberite’s natural Danger Sense is directly related to this sub-stat.

Knowledge/Learning Capacity- Not only how much knowledge the character has accumulated before the game begins but also indicative of how quickly the character is able to pick up new things. A good score here is necessary for anyone who delves into many different powers.

Mental Strength- The power behind the character’s mind. When in mind-to-mind combat this is the primary sub-stat to look at. Trying to force open a Trump contact is also based off this stat. This also reflects ones ability to resist Invasive-style magical spells and the like.

Magical Apptitude- Now only how easily a character can excel in a Power but also the finesse he/she commands over the Power. This sub-stat is of primary concern to any Power-based character as it is indicative of how easily the character "channels" the raw energy of the Power and shapes it to his/her desire.

Psi Talent- Scanning with Psyche to detect others, mind reading, mind domination and the like all fall within the spectrum of this sub-stat. This stat also represents a character’s raw mental talent. At the extreme high-end of the spectrum it also indicates the character’s talent with certain "fringe skills" such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis, etc.

Strength- Brute Strength- This determines not only how much a character can lift but also the force behind all of his/her strikes in combat. This stat is the prime determiner for how much damage someone inflicts in hand-to-hand/melee combat.

Damage Resistance- Not just layers of muscle but also the knowledge and ability to take a blow in the least damaging way possible. This sub-attribute, with the character’s armor (if any), determines how much damage succeeds in getting through to the character, once struck.

Damage Capacity- This sub-stat helps determine how much punishment the character can take without succumbing to his/her wounds. It is also indicative of how long the character can stay in combat with various injuries and how severely such injuries will impair his/her combat capability. The great the score the harder to kill the character will be.

Physical Prowess- Athletic ability in all its forms. Acrobatics, climbing, games of physical challenge all fall within the scope of this sub-stat. Characters who excel in this sub-attribute are multi-talented athletes capable of spectacular feats of agility and strength.

Reaction Time- Prime determiner for "who goes first" this is the natural speed of the individual, both in combat and when running. This sub-stat also indicates how much time a character has to react to a perceived threat.

Endurance- Adrenal Boosting- This is the ability to push one’s self beyond the normal range of stats. A depth of reserve usually called in times of emergency this sub-stat would allow the lifting of something which is too big to normally budge, running further than could normally, putting more force behind a Trump contact than one thought possible, etc.

Healing/Regeneration- Not just how quickly one regenerates but also the extent to which serious injuries or loss of limbs can be regenerated at all.

Magical Energy- The character’s innate "well" of magical power. Used for powering spells, creating Trump gates, charging magical items with power, etc.

Mental Exertion- Represents the amount of time which a character can perform any mental activity. Keeping open a psychic connection, maintaining a Trump call (or multiple ones), using the Pattern or Logrus sight, and the like all take a toll on one’s mental exertion.

Physical Exertion- This sub-stat determines how long a character can run, fight, go without food or water, etc. and still remain on one’s feet.

Warfare- Combat- This represents the character’s prowess in all forms of martial abilities. Personal combat, both weaponless and armed, ranged attacks, the knowledge of various fighting styles, etc. all fall within the sphere of this sub-stat’s influence.

Damage Avoidance- The ability to "not get hit" by indirect attacks, explosions, as well as while in combat. The ability to quickly select cover, put obstacles in an enemy’s line of fire, or otherwise confound an attack all fall within this sub-stats range of abilities.

Deduction/Perception- This can be a nearly Zen-type awareness for detecting incoming attacks, perceiving threats before they take effect, and seeing an ambush before it occurs. It also allows the character to find clues at the scene of a crime, deduce the likely actions of one’s enemies, as well as recognize important, but seemingly trivial, evidence and information.

Leadership- Not only the knowledge necessary to lead a group of people but the charisma to inspire those around to follow. This sub-stat also includes the ability to gather large armies, lead them efficiently with the least amount of loss possible.

Strategy/Tactics- Both personal, small group and mass combat strategies are included in this sub-stat. Out maneuvering one’s enemy, getting the upper hand, trickery, subterfuge, reconnaissance, military intelligence and the like all fall within this sub-stat’s province.