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Become a Mentor

When one is considering the idea of becoming a mentor, it's only natural that certain questions come up.

  • Who is a mentor?
  • What is it that mentors do?
  • How do mentors fulfill their roles?
  • What kinds of skills do mentors need to develop?
  • How would I grow and develop by serving as a mentor?
  • How will the OMSLD support to me as I take on the role of a mentor?

The one idea that we know as we consider these questions that mentoring and becoming a mentor makes a difference. As you read through and think about the material that follows, more than anything, we want to encourage you to become involved in our program.

We invite you to explore, think about all that you have to offer the campus community, and become a mentor. The OMSLD is committed to providing the highest quality mentoring programs as well as the highest quality training, support, and supervision to our mentors.

Please be sure to contact our office at (812) 855-3540 if you have questions and want to become involved in our programming.

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Office of Mentoring Services and Leadership Development
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