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"Without communication between men of color,

their experiences may be viewed as unique without a source of validation. Effective communication is an important part of increasing the awareness of educational opportunities and contemporary social issues of a shared experience."
Vincent Isom,
Groups Student Support Services
Indiana University, Bloomington



The Men of Color Leadership Conference (MOCLC) promotes African American, Asian American, Latino and Native American men by empowering them with the skills and knowledge needed to foster academic success; establish a support network; support the goal of graduation; and improve personal achievement by influencing leadership through representing unity and a commitment to collective betterment of humankind.


In 2003 the MOCLC was developed as a space with the sole purpose of providing male students of color the opportunity to meet and connect with individuals who have a sincere desire to promote the success of there communities. The MOCLC fosters a unique venue for effective dialogue to colleagues of color from various universities, communities and agencies across the country.

In 2005 the participation of over two hundred students from across the state and as far as Baltimore, Maryland and Savannah, Georgia illustrated the importance of having such and event. This year, we are please to expand our conference to a two day event that will include high school level participants. In addition, the conference will move in a direction that will encourage its participants to engage more in task oriented directives than ever before!


  • In order to forge a stake into the larger culture, "Changing Tomorrow by Challenging Today," must become a fully embraced ideology for underserved and underrepresented communities
  • In order to forge a stake into the larger culture, all citizens regardless of race, sex, gender, age or religion must become actively engaged and stewards in the empowerment of marginalized populations
  • In order to forge a stake into the larger culture, the issues that men of color face regardless of social or economic status must be addressed and a resolution explored
  • In order to forge a stake into the larger culture, a continuing service must be provided to equip men of color with the tools needed to navigate educational, professional and personal challenges through the comprehensive support of all citizens, we can impact and change the direction of injustice and inequality contributing to a more inclusive nation

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