Printmaking Overview

Shot during recent printshop cleanup

The I.U. Printmaking Workshop’s program encompasses all printmaking media from the 15th - 21st century. We have the requisite facilities in the printmaking workshops, School of Fine Arts (SoFA), and University at large to work on innovative ventures in other areas and disciplines as well as other institutions. Our students have for many years been working on inter-disciplinary projects, particularly at the graduate level.



The program is open-ended in that we do not have a preconceived agenda for admitting nor teaching students. Students are encouraged to explore other fine arts media as well as make full use of this world-class research university environment as it impacts upon their work. Students may work in any methods they wish. This philosophy has served us well and is especially appreciated by our graduate students. The BFA program is designed for those who may choose to become professional artists or attend graduate school. It is selective, requiring additional hours in studio art and placing an emphasis on the students’ ability to work independently. Shared studios are provided creating an atmosphere conducive for self-discovery. Our comprehensive three-year MFA graduate program has been one of the top-ranked in the U.S. for over 30 years by U.S. News and World Report.

We offer an open, diverse course of study based on the individual needs of our broad student population that reflects 21st century printmaking’s holistic direction. Students are encouraged to take advantage of IU’s vast resources (facilities, libraries, museums, grants-in-aid) to realize their creative goals. Graduates are provided with private studios and 24-hour access to the print workshops. The Indiana University Venice Summer Program in Printmaking and Artists’ Books at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica offers a uniquely rich experience to any qualified student to study in the “City of Light” with both IU and Italian faculty (in English) for 5 weeks and earn 6 hours of credit.



The IU Printmaking Workshop is located in its own 12,000+ square foot space providing state-of-the-art print workshops and equipment in all areas both traditional and digital. Each major area, intaglio/relief, lithography, screen-printing has their own separate workshop; the space is contiguous so students and equipment can move freely from one area to another. The workshops are designed so students can work on a large format in any print media or combination thereof.

More information on IU's facilities can be found here.


MFA & BFA Studios

The Printmaking Studio Annex houses private and shared studios for our BFA and MFA students. There is one faculty studio in this building as well. The opportunity to work alongside graduate students is one of the most important components of our BFA program.


Teaching Philosophy

The printmaking faculty are rigorous yet open to any idea that is well thought-out and able to be accomplished. They are committed to pushing the boundaries while not abandoning tradition. In both the MFA and BFA programs we combine a personal tutorial system with a public critique venue. Students meet in their private studios with each individual faculty member at least once per semester; BFA and MFA seminars, as well as the media-specific classes are taught by each faculty in their own expertise; the full printmaking faculty and both MFA and BFA student peers participate in group critiques which discuss a single individuals work.



Given our world-class printmaking facility, philosophy, and availability of interdisciplinary resources, the I.U. Printmaking Workshop is poised to promote and lead printmaking in the 21st century.