Indiana University Bloomington
Flow Cytometry Core Facility
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Christiane Hassel MS (Manager)
Jordan Hall 029

Kris Klueg PhD (Associate Director)

John Foley PhD (Director)

Flow Facility Listserv
To be added to the Flow Facility Listserv please send an email to Christiane Hassel
Oversight Committee

John Foley, Ph.D. (Med Sci) - Director
Kris Klueg, Ph.D. (DGRC) - Associate Director
Christiane Hassel, M.S. (Biology) - Manager
Roger Innes, Ph.D. (Biology) - Chair
Thom Kaufman, Ph.D. (Biology)
Ken Nephew, Ph.D (Med Sci)
Heather O'Hagan, Ph.D. (Med Sci)
Diego Ogando, Ph.D (Optometry)
Jonathan Schlebach, Ph.D (Chemistry)