Indiana University Bloomington
Flow Cytometry Core Facility
Useful Links
Tutorials, Courses, Software
Flow Cytometry Tutorial (BD Biosciences)
Introduction to Flow Cytometry (Molecular Probes)
Practical Flow Cytometry– Howard Shapiro (free use through CoulterFlow - registration required)
BD Biosciences – Applications
BD CellQuest Pro tutorials for FACSCalibur - Acquisition, Analysis
BD FACSDiva v6 Software Overview Course (for BD Digital instrumentation)
Flow Cytometry Courses (Verity Software House)
FlowJo software, and tutorials and manuals – for more information about FlowJo availability at IU Bloomington, visit the Data Analysis page.
WinMDI Tutorial (pdf) and software (a software program that can read FCS files from flow data)
Instrument User Guides and Manuals
Books, Journals and Articles
Cytometry Part A - Journal
Biosafety Article (pdf): Biosafety guidelines for sorting unfixed cells, Schmid, et al, Cytometry 28:99-117, 1997
Flow Cytometry - A Basic Introduction (book)
Flow Cytometry Wiki
Bioinformatics Standards for Flow Cytometry
Minimum Information about a Flow Cytometry Experiment (MIFlowCyt): "A standard for outlining the minimal information required to report the experimental details of flow cytometry experiments."
Organizations and User Groups
Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories (PUCL) – lots of great links, helpful information, home of the cytometry mailing list
International Society for Advancement of Cytometry
Indiana Flow Users Group (quarterly meetings @ IUPUI)