Thank You!!!


We are so thankful for your support!


To the potential athlete wondering if this is for you. Maybe, this is a little too heavy and I won't make

it? Remember this, come out and try our best. Only good things happen afterwards.


If you do decide to join. Remember, we take the willing and able, no matter new or old. And we always have

fun during the season. Every event we're apart of is always a blast.


Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio, Connecticut, Illinois, anywhere. You meet new people, share new stories,

and gain potential lifelong friends along the way.


Leaving behind the passion, enjoyment, and competitive nature mixed with a good time that so many schools

across the nation know us for.


To our alumni, who have gone on to do great and wonderful things, stay in touch.

We want you to be remembered. After all, we exist today because of what you've started or contributed.

We love you. We want to hear from all of you.


You can do what we do in many places, varsity or otherwise.

But, there's nothing like Indiana University Fencing.