I've never done this before...

No problem!

Many begin fencing in college or later. Fencing is a truly lifelong sport.

No matter your skill level you're welcome to come and train with us.


if you gain the necessary skills, there’s nothing to stop you from competing. 

Every year we see beginners learn to fence one semester and compete

in collegiate competitions the next. Sometimes sooner!!

Do you offer lessons for beginners?

Yes we do!

We also offer courses through the HIPER (Now the School of Public Health) to

teach the basics. If they don't fit your schedule, stop by during practice

and we will be more than happy to introduce you to the sport.  


I missed the callout, can I still join?

Of course!

Just come to any of the practice times listed on the home page and we'll get you started.

Come whenever you can, it's fine by us.

How much does it cost to join the club?

Club dues are $35 per semester. $70 for the year.

This gives you access to club equipment and gear (both electric and dry), along with free lessons.

I'm not affiliated with IU, can I still fence?

The Fencing Club is open to anyone 18 or older. However, we encourage those who aren't affiliated to try

the Bloomington Fencing Club.

What should I wear to fence?

Wear comfortable sneakers or athletic shoes and athletic pants (no shorts, no jeans!).

Expect to sweat when fencing, because the practice facility can get hot when wearing fencing equipment. We have

club gear available to get you started.

What equipment do I need to buy?

We do encourage you to buy your own equipment after you're sure about fencing.  As a Club member we can help you choose

what equipment to buy and help you on prices. Also, check our What You Need section.

Once you feel comfortable buying your own gear, take a look at our Where to buy section for more selection options.