Prospective Fencers

Welcome to Indiana University Fencing Club!

Founded in 1919 (earliest known record), our club is built on one basic principle that sets us above the rest: forming a competitive team that thinks of each other as family. I can guarantee that by joining the IUFC, you will make lifelong friends while experiencing a competitive atmosphere that pushes everyone to be their best.

Our club will give you access to excellent Maestro coaching in all three weapons as well as extensive traveling opportunities all around the United States. The competition is hard, ranging from some of the best NCAA fencers to rivalries (a.k.a. Purdue... you will understand when you get here). You will grow not only in your fencing ability but as a person and leader inside and outside of the club.

I sincerely hope you consider joining us as we take on competition in the Midwest Conference as well as from clubs all around the United States, while making memories that will last a lifetime. Feel free to contact us at, our BeInvolved Page, or my personal email;

We look forward to hearing from you.


Charles DeCesaris, President IUFC

Indiana University Fencing Club is an independent entity or independent association of individual students, operates independently and is not an agent, servant, or employee of IU, and neither has the authority to act for the other or commit the other to any activity, transaction, or agreement