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FESA Blog Link - http://iubfesa.wordpress.com

Unfortunately, I'm not sure there is a way for each person to be able to log-in and post as themselves UNLESS they want to sign-up for a Wordpress.com account themselves, BUT anyone can simply log-in under the "iubfesa" username, and then write their name at the bottom of the entry so we know who is posting what. For login instructions, please contact Krystie.

Once you login, look to the Left again, and click on the blue link where it says "Your Blogs", and click on "iubfesa" If you want to POST a blog entry, click on "new post" either on the top right on the dark blue panel, or on the grey pannel ABOVE the blue pannel where it says "IUB Folklore & Ethno...". There is also a link on the Left side panel to post and edit entries. Once you have written out your entry, click on PREVIEW on the top right to see it before you publish it, or just simply click the blue PUBLISH button to the right of the entry. BUT, before you do that... REMEMBER TO WRITE YOUR NAME AT THE BOTTOM OF THE ENTRY, so we know who is writing what! To view your entry, click on the white link on the blue panel where it says "IUB Folklore & Ethnomusicology..."

If after you publish your entry, and you want to edit it, right below the title of the entry, there is a green EDIT link. Click that and then adjust and re-publish. Explore the buttons above where you put the text when you are writing or editing the entry. You can do alot, including bolding, italicizing, or adding bullets, etc. to the text. Above those formatting buttons, it says "UPLOAD/INSERT". If you click on those buttons, you can add a photo, video, or other media to your post. You can also create a poll. If you have any other questions, let me know (jamesonj@indiana.edu)

I think it would be really great if we really put this page to good use, particularly until we get a website up and running.


  1. Summary of events we have put on in the past
  2. Travelogues!
  3. Music, film, etc. that you are interested in
  4. Announcements regarding FESA and other F&E events an happenings
  5. A write-up of accomplishments and finished products of our members
  6. Op-Eds (especially for those overseas!)
  7. Summaries of our individual research and interests pertaining to Folk & Ethno
  8. Odes to heroes (Lomax! Boas! Thompson! Glassie! Baumann!)
  9. Concert/event reviews
  10. Announcements regarding interesting concerts/events outside of FESA

Make it yours, people!

- Jenn Jameson