Indiana University Bloomington People

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School of Fine Arts Faculty

Paul Brown, Associate Professor—Graphic Design (email)
Christyl Boger, Associate Professor—Ceramics (email)
Carissa Carman, Lecturer—Textiles (email)
Elizabeth M. Claffey, Assistant Professor—Photography (email)
Blane De St. Croix, Associate Professor—Sculpture (email)
Margaret Dolinsky, Associate Professor—Digital Art (email)
Jenny El-Shamy, Senior Lecturer—Graphic Design (email)
Chase Gamblin, Academic Specialist (email))
Nicole Jacquard, Associate Professor—Metals (email)
Tim Kennedy, Senior Lecturer—Painting (email)
Arthur Liou, Director of SoFA, Professor—Digital Art (email)
Randy Long, Professor—Metals (email)
Martha MacLeish, Associate Professor—Fundamentals (email)
Eve Mansdorf, Associate Professor—Painting (email)
Osamu James Nakagawa, Professor—Photography (email)
Tim Mather, Associate Professor—Ceramics (email)
Tina Newberry, Associate Professor—Painting Associate Professor—Painting (email)
Rowland Ricketts, Associate Professor—Textiles (email)
Malcolm Smith, Associate Professor—Ceramics (email)
Betsy Stirratt, Academic Specialist (email))
Tracy Templeton, Associate Professor—Printmaking (email)
Caleb Weintraub, Associate Professor—Painting (email)
Jeffrey Wolin, Professor—Photography (email)



Ellie Herman, Printmaking (email)
Gary Dickson, Graphic Design (email)
Rachel Weaver, Digital Art (email)
David Wolske, Graphic Design (email)
Brandon Gunn, Printmaking (email)
Shelley Given, Photography (email)
Mike Calway-Fagen, Sculpture (email)
Peter Williams, Digital Art(email)
Carrie Smith, 3-D Fundamentals (email)Andy Rubin, Printmaking (email)
Keith Allyn Spencer, Studio Art for Non-Majors (email)
Gabe Phipps
, Painting & Drawing (email)
Grant Whipple, Fundamentals (email)


James Canary, Graphic Design
Michele Signorino, Sculpture (email)
Amy Norgaard, Ceramics (email)
Liz Scofield, Digital Art (email)
Kevin Mooney, Photography (email)


Ed Bernstein, Printmaking (email)
Wendy Calman, Printmaking (email)
Laurel Cornell, Associate Professor—Special Topics (email)
Barry Gealt, Painting (email)
John Goodheart, Ceramics (email)
William Itter, Painting (email)
Jerald Jacquard, Sculpture (email)
James Reidhaar, Graphic Design (email)
Bonnie Sklarski, Painting (email)