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The Indiana University ceramics program emphasizes an atmosphere conducive to the students growth and development as a creative clay artist. A conceptual foundation, technical expertise, and a commitment to art are considered essential qualities for ceramic students. Students in ceramics explore aesthetic interests ranging from vessels to ceramic sculpture. Students are expected to develop a knowledge of art history and a critical understanding of contemporary art issues.

MFA Ceramics Program

The MFA Ceramics program at Indiana University was ranked 10th nationally by US News and World Report in 2008. The MFA degree in ceramics is a three-year program and involves a minimum of 60 hours of course credit, including a Thesis Exhibition. In addition to regular individual critiques, the ceramic graduate seminar includes weekly group critiques and research presentations. Seminar topics address a variety of issues relevant to the development of the ceramic artist. MFA students are encouraged to develop a sense of ceramic history and an understanding of contemporary art issues.