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Digital Art

The advancement in computer technology and its growing influence on society makes Digital Art a poignant reflection of our culture. It enables artists from existing fields to extend their interest by taking advantage of the power and flexibility of the digital form, while opening doors to artistic practices that have never been realized before. The Digital Art area in the School of Fine Arts focuses on artistic experimentation with immersive virtual environment, mobile computing, multimedia, video, and other electronic media. The faculties in the program strive to be the leaders in the field with cutting edge work that are positioned in the forefront of the artistic dialog. By merging art and technologies in galleries, museums, public spaces, the web, or even research laboratories, we aim at creating both new forms of expressions and ways of appreciating art for the 21st Century.

MFA Digital Art Program

DART focuses on artistic experimentation with computer, time-based media, and other electronic devices. The goal of the program is to prepare students for careers as artists with solid technical skills, knowledge of contemporary critical issues, and the ability to express their conceptual and aesthetic matters.  Students are expected to be self-motivated, disciplined, and demonstrate an ability to work independently. They will generate and expand on ideas within their work through creative projects, readings, research, and regular critical feedback.

Formal coursework includes areas of 3D modeling/immersive environment, digital imaging, multimedia authoring, non-linear video production, and sound editing. Seminars within and outside of the program allow students to investigate various theoretical and practical themes provided by professors. Students are encouraged to explore their work with approaches of installation, performance, kinetic sculpture, and collaboration.  The MFA degree in DART is a three-year program and involves a minimum of 60 credit hours. An average of 40 hours is assigned to DART studio core courses. Students are required to enroll in the Digital Art seminar each semester. Students must consult with faculty prior to registration concerning coursework. A private pre-oral exam is held during the fifth semester of regular full-time study. The student is formally admitted to candidacy for the MFA degree by passing the exam. A public oral exam is held during the student’s MFA Thesis Exhibition which is commonly installed in School of Fine Arts Gallery or IU Art Museum.