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Graphic Design

The School of Fine Arts at Indiana University offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees in graphic design. It also offers a basic course of study in graphic design for creative students majoring in many other areas of the School of Fine Arts and the University. Acceptance into courses at all levels is competitive and each student is encouraged to develop excellent communications in a non-medium specific environment.

MFA Graphic Design Program

The opportunity for graduate studies in Graphic Design is offered to highly motivated and creative students that demonstrate the potential for engaging in intensive visual exploration and research. The students are primarily involved with investigations which combine independent study and structured visual problem solving. Through these activities, design theory, process and application are investigated in detail. Varied critical perspectives are provided by the faculty to encourage growth and diversity in the individual. The two and one-half to three year graduate program consists of not more than twelve students. The individual is encouraged to develop and expand through personal rather than stylistic direction. Areas of emphasis are discussed leading towards the thesis project in the third year. At the end of each semester, work and performance levels are reviewed by the students and faculty. The Graphic Design Program exposes students to further study in their professional specialization as well as the University’s other resources. Major holdings in areas of African, Oceanic, Asian, Ancient and Western art are displayed in the IU Art Museum, and the Fine Arts Library, and the Lilly Rare Book and Manuscript Library provide strong sources for research and study.