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Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design

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The Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design Program at Indiana University focuses on the development of a student’s technical skills in traditional and experimental metalworking and jewelry and their development of a personal and creative direction in their work. The BFA and MFA are professional degrees that prepare the student to teach at the university level or to practice as a professional artist, metalsmith, or jeweler. Throughout their tenure at Indiana University students are expected to develop knowledge of the historical resources, theoretical, and philosophical ideas that will enrich and inform their artwork. Students are encouraged to nurture a quality of mind and a system of values that will enable them to develop ideas that are worth of expression. With one-on-one professional guidance students will be able to establish a balance between formal design, craftsmanship, and creative concepts. In awarding the BFA and MFA degrees we recognize that a graduating student is capable of producing independent work of conceptual and technical viewpoints of professional quality and that the student has shown evidence of a strong commitment to their artwork.

MFA Metalsmithing Program

In 2008, US News and World Report ranked the MFA program in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design 10th nationally. The MFA degree in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design is a three-year, 60 credit hour program of study in Studio Art and Art History. Graduate candidates enroll each semester in a seminar course in metals which consists of group critiques, readings, discussions, special assignments, technical demonstrations, slide lectures and the writing of artist’s statements. The seminar is designed to meet the needs of the currently enrolled students in the Graduate and BFA Programs. Students also enroll in studio credit hours and individual critiques for all graduate and BFA students are scheduled three times a semester and by appointment. Graduate students are required to take 6-9 credits in outside Studio courses and 8-12 credits in Art History. There is a required 1-credit course that prepares students to teach at the university level. MFA students are encouraged to enroll in tutorials with professors in any of the Studio or Art History areas. In addition students are advised to enroll in the class, 3-D Computer Modeling, to learn a 3-D modeling program and the production class, Computer Modeling & the Creation of Fine Art, where their ideas are created into tangible objects through the various Computer-Aided Machining and Rapid Prototyping processes of; a CNC Router, 3-D color Printing, Fused Deposition Modeling, Reverse Engineering, and virtual Haptic technologies. The School of Fine Arts has several study abroad programs, which include the countries of Italy, France, Germany, and Japan and students from all disciplines are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities. There is a very active schedule of visiting artists lectures and workshops in the Metals Program and the School of Fine Arts throughout the year. Generous fellowships and assistantships are available through competitive application.