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Metals Facilities

The Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design facilities are excellent for the production of large and small scale hollowware, fine jewelry, and art jewelry. Every effort has been made to provide an atmosphere thate is conductive to the creation of professional and creative work, as well as one which meets important health and safety requirements. The metals department consits of two recently renovated undergraduate classrooms, a newly renovated graduate studio with individual Otto Frei workbenches and flexible shaft machines, all types of torches, storage cabinets and lighted display cases, a separate graduate tool room, a sound-proofed smithing room and a chemical room. All studios have professional ventilation. Major pieces of equipment include a new Vcilla enameling kiln, a new Durston rolling mill with 4 ¾” rollers for sheet metal and wire, Cavalin drawbench and assorted drawplates, a large capacity sandblaster, a wood and metal bandsaw, a jigsaw, Profiform bending break and shear, a Beverly Shear, belt and disc sanders, large drill press, two Dumore precision drill presses, electric centrifugal casting machine, lapidary equipment and diamond saw, an oxygen/acetylene torch, mini-torches, and buffing machines for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The IU metals program is known for its broad range of smithing stakes and hammers and there are specialized tools for stone setting and a wide range of steel dapping blocks and punches. The graduate studio has its own computer with up to date software including Rhinoceros for 3-D modeling, and a large format Epson color printer. Photographic equipment and lighting is also available for students to use in order to document their work. Classes are offered throught the year in Rhino, CAM and RP &M processes.