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The IU Printmaking Workshop is one of the best equipped and most innovative programs in the country. With an over 12,000 square foot separate facility, as well as another small workshop for introductory classes, we offer a comprehensive program for undergraduate and graduate students in individual workshops for the major printmaking media: intaglio, lithography, relief, silkscreen, and related photo and digital processes. The classes are enhanced by a printmaking visiting artist program which includes workshops as well as lectures and critiques of upper level undergrads and grad students. The IU Fine Arts Museum’s extensive master print collection is used in teaching and readily available to students. Nearly 3500 original impressions constitute the teaching collection of the Indiana University Printmaking Department. These works are a legacy contributed by printmaking students, primarily from our graduate program. Works span all media, and include handmade paper and constructed pieces. The Printmaking area was recently awarded a grant to enable us to construct a database of these archives which will soon be accessible by computer. We take great pride in the high quality of this collection, which is a confirmation of the innovation and diversity that has always been a hallmark of our program.

For additional information visit the printmaking area website.

MFA Printmaking Program

The graduate printmaking program offers motivated students the opportunity to further develop their artistic work in a focused environment. The awarding of the MFA degree in Printmaking indicates that the graduating students are capable of producing independent work of professional quality both from the conceptual and the technical points of view, and that they give evidence of capacity for future growth as practicing artists. The aim of the program is to provide a creative and dynamic atmosphere with excellent equipment, ample working space, and the necessary expertise for students to freely develop their work in the most effective manner and reach their full potential as artists. Through their cumulative experience in the program, students will also gain a sense of the visual arts being produced in their own time.  The faculty employ a team-teaching approach in order to give students the benefit of more than one point of view. Both individual and group critiques are held on a regular basis. No one style, aesthetic or technical approach is stressed; diversity is the rule. The emphasis, however, is always on content, concept and quality. Many students choose to work in ways that are quite experimental, often mixing printmaking and other media, while others prefer to work in a more traditional manner, focusing on a single print technique. Certain students who work in other media and have little experience in printmaking often enter the program based on the strength of their conceptual approach and their artistic abilities. These students are encouraged to continue to work in their familiar media while they become conversant with printmaking methods.  As a rule, the MFA degree in Printmaking is a three-year degree. The program is comprised of 12 – 15 graduate printmakers on average. The MFA printmaking program at Indiana University was ranked 5th nationally by US News and World Report in 2008.