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Prospective Undergraduate Students

Our undergraduate students are admitted by the Indiana University Office of Admission into the University Division or as Direct Admits through the College of Arts and Sciences Direct Admit Program. Undergraduates begin by applying through the Office of Admissions.

Any undergraduate student admitted to the Indiana University University Division or College of Arts and Sciences Direct Admit program may begin coursework toward a major in studio art. To apply to Indiana University, see the IU Admissions website.

The Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art

There is no formal application procedure to begin work in the BA Studio Art program.  Students are not required to declare a studio art major in order to enroll in the Fundamental Studio courses F100, F101, and/or F102. Once the student is qualified to certify to the College of Arts and Sciences, he or she may choose to declare a major in Studio Art or in History or Art (or in some cases, double major in both). After the student has successfully completed a 200 level studio course, a portfolio review determines the student’s eligibility to enroll in the 300 level course in that same studio area.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts

For the BFA Degree program, there is an application procedure specific to each studio area. Students interested in the BFA usually apply after having completed at least two studio courses on the IUB campus. Incoming Freshman are not admitted directly into the BFA program. Admission is subject to a portfolio review, judgment of grades, and a personal interview with the faculty of that area. Once admitted, the BFA student receives guidance from the area faculty with regard to which studio courses are appropriate to complete their studio hours. All COAS requirements remain the same as the BA in Studio art. For specific details on a given studio area’s BFA process, please contact the studio office, Rm #123 (812) 855-7766 and request the name of the faculty member who is the head of the BFA for a specific area, or speak with the Undergraduate Advisor in Rm #126.