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Undergraduate Degrees

BA Studio Art

The BA program is designed to enable students to see, formulate, and articulate visual concepts through the manipulation of forms and materials. Its basic aim is to develop their awareness of visual expression within the humanist tradition. The BA in studio is a broad based liberal arts degree with required courses throughout a wide range of areas inside and outside the fine arts. Students may choose to concentrate in one area or another, but they will also be studying a wide range of artistic disciplines during the process. Hence, no matter what the concentration is in the BA, the Major is referred to as “Studio Art.” Students must complete at least 33 studio hours in both 3-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional art as well as at least 12 credit hours in art history.

Studio Coursework

(See all of our course listings in the COAS Bulletin)
Required Courses:
F100 Fundamental Studio Drawing
F101 Fundamental Studio 3D (materials such include clay, plaster, wood, wire, etc.)
F102 Fundamental Studio 2D (Two dimensional design and color theory)
S200 Drawing

Three additional studio courses at the 200 level, with at least one course from the 2D area and one course from the 3D area. Twelve credit hours in studio at the 300-400 level, including both 2D and 3D disciplines, with one course in your area of concentration at 400 level.

2-D areas include:
S250 Graphic Design
S230 Painting
S291 Fundamentals of Photography
T230 Computer Art: Survey and Practice
S240 Basic Printmaking

3-D areas include:
S260 Ceramics I
S220 Textile Design I
S280 Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design I
S270 Sculpture I
(300 level courses may substitute for a 200 level courses under certain circumstances)

BFA Program

The BFA is a separate degree with an emphasis on one studio area. This program is designed to meet the needs of exceptional students who desire intensive studio experience within the context of the liberal arts. Applicants must have demonstrated superior ability and motivation in a particular studio discipline. Students usually begin their work in the BA, then apply for the BFA in their area of concentration in their sophomore or junior year. Prospective BFA students participate in an interview and application process that is conducted by the heads of the studio area that will be their area concentration. Students should contact faculty in the specific studio area to find out more about that area’s application process and deadlines. Applications are not usually considered until students have had at least two studio courses on the Bloomington campus. For all studio areas, the basic requirements are identical to the BA in Studio Art, except that for the BFA, 62 credit hours of studio are required, instead of the 33 for the BA. This amounts to two to four semesters of additional study depending on the area and the students previous achievement progress.

Minors Offered

Minors are optional for all Fine Arts majors. If a student chooses to declare a minor, they must do so before they graduate and before they apply to graduate. To declare a minor, the student must set an appointment with the Fine Arts Undergraduate advisor.

Minor in Studio Art Requirements:
Five courses (15 credit hours) in studio art with a C- or better, including: F100 Fundamental Drawing, F101 Fundamental 3D or F102 Fundamental 2D, Three additional courses in studio above the 100 level.Residency: At least two courses must be taken on the IU Bloomington Campus.

Minor in History of Art Requirements:
Five courses (15 credit hours) in History of Art including: At least three of which are at the 300 or 400 level. (One 200 level art history course may be substituted for a 3/400 level in the minor.) All of which are completed with a C- or better.

At least two courses must be taken on the IU Bloomington Campus