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Faculty Resources

Fine Arts Library

Located in the IU Art Museum Building, the Fine Arts Library is multi-story facility housing over 130,000 art books and related materials. Access to the Library is provided through the Museum and the Fine Arts Building. All stacks are open for browsing except for a Special Collections area which includes rare, extremely valuable and/or fragile volumes. The Library also has a Seminar Room, and Microforms and media Rooms. Seating ranges from upholstered arm chairs to oversized carrels custom designed to accommodate art books. Carrel assignments are available to graduate students in the History of Art. In addition to traditional reference services, free access is provided to the major bibliographic databases, OCLC/WORLDCAT, RLIN/eureka, to ARTbibliographies Modern, ART INDEX online, Bibliography of the History of Art, Dictionary of Art Online, and other computerized reference sources. A special feature of the Library is its foyer which includes built-in and free-standing display cases. Ten to fifteen shows are held in this space annually, ranging from exhibitions of selected library holdings to MFA exhibitions. Overall, the Library provides open, flexible, and comfortable spaces conducive to sustained periods of study and research. Visit the Fine Arts Library at:

Visual Resource Center

The Visual Resource Center contains a collection of over 350,000 slides, covering all areas and periods of art, whose primary function is to meet the teaching needs of the School of Fine Art. We have over 60,000 images in the Visual Resources Collection. All AI’s are welcome to use these collections, and to check slides out for 24-hour periods.

Carousel slide projectors can be provided for use within the Fine Arts building, and slide trays that will fit all university slide equipment. Digital projectors and laptops can also be provided for use by Art History faculty and AIs. If you want to show slides or digital images on a regular basis in the Fine Arts Building, talk to Fenella Flinn in the office about scheduling time in one of the seminar rooms or small classrooms. We will help you learn to operate the equipment, and show you how to avoid some common problems. If you have any questions about projectors or installed classroom technology, or need new bulbs or repairs, give us a call at 855-6717.

We also make slides, scan slides, and create original digital images. If you find the collection weak in an area you wish to teach, find us some good reproductions and give us a couple of weeks. Our collection is a large and complicated one, so be sure to ask us for help. We may have the material you need in some other category.

Indiana University Digital Library Program:
Visual Resources Collection:


Reserve Room 221
Reserve Room 238
Reserve the Art Cart


Requisition Form (pdf)
Record of MFA Oral Examination Form (pdf)
Scheduling of MFA Oral Examination Form (pdf)
Permission Form for Studio Art courses (pdf)
Academic Misconduct Form (pdf)
MAXI Form (pdf)
Applications for models may be picked up in FA 123.
Tax Packets may be picked up in FA 123.
Key Deposit Return Forms may be picked up in FA 123.

Office Procedures

Campus Mail
Picked up and delivered once each weekday to the Fine Arts Office.

U.S. Mail
US Mail is delivered once each weekday to the Fine Arts Office. US Mail is sorted and placed in the mailboxes, usually by 1:30 a.m. daily. Please be sure to have all non-Fine Art related mail sent to your residence.

Key deposits
Keys for students
Authorizing signatures

There is one copy machine available for faculty and staff use in the department located in FA123. (It is more economical to use Duplicating Services when 15 or more copies of each original are needed.)

The Department has one facsimile machine for general department business use located in FA123. All incoming faxes should be directed to the Fine Arts Office fax, (812) 855-7498, and will be placed in the recipient’s mailbox. To send a facsimile message, a long distance billing number is required (this is the same number used for routine long distance telephone calls).

Emergency Procedures

There is a thunderstorm/tornado warning while you are teaching your class? Follow risk management procedure.

You notice structural damage to the building when working after hours? Call Physical Plant 855-8728 (emergency or urgent requests after hours only).

You have been harassed (sexual, racial, or religious)? Call IUPD 855-4111.

There is a medical emergency during your class or SoFA function? Call 911.

You notice disruptive or suspicious people during your class or SoFA function? Call IUPD at 855-4111.

Teaching at IU

Indiana University Office of the Registrar
Evaluation Services and Testing (BEST)
Campus Instructional Consulting
Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct
IU Health Center
Academic Handbook
Academic Guide