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Five Key Components

Flagship students on the Great WallThe Indiana University Chinese Language Flagship is a pioneering, comprehensive, and intensive program; an opportunity for students planning for a variety of professional careers; and a means to cultivate the superior Mandarin language skills, knowledge, experience, and leadership qualities that will facilitate long-term professional success.

There are five key components that make up the Language Flagship Program at IU.

1. Accelerated Language Learning

Typically, even in the best Chinese language programs, students learn only enough language to navigate everyday life in Chinese-speaking countries. In the IU Chinese Language Flagship program, students participate in an innovative accelerated curriculum designed to develop the Superior-level Mandarin proficiency needed for professional work in a global context.

Components of the accelerated curriculum include summer study and academic-year tutoring. Summer study can be completed at the IU Flagship Chinese Institute (FCI) and/or in overseas programs. During the academic year, “discipline mentors”—native Chinese speakers specializing in a variety of fields—are paired with students with similar
professional interests and meet with them twice weekly in one-on-one sessions to
cultivate language-specific knowledge in their fields.

2. Advanced Culture Courses

Tiang Park guardLanguage learning in the Flagship program is integrally connected with cultural and professional knowledge. Students are encouraged to earn a major in a professional field that will complement their Chinese language study in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures.

To take advantage of IU’s outstanding faculty expertise in Chinese culture from business and politics to history, literature, and religious studies, while at the same time incorporating vanguard language pedagogy, the Flagship coursework involves paired clusters of content and language courses emphasizing interpretation, analysis, and presentation of Chinese cultural concepts and events from a global perspective.

Courses which may be offered include:

  • China’s Political Economy
  • Law and Society in China
  • Contemporary China
  • Chinese Cinema
  • Cultural Diversity in China
  • China Through Anthropological Eyes
  • Cross-Cultural Sociology: Rise of China
  • Introduction to Chinese Thought

3. Overseas Study

IU Chinese Flagship students spend one year (typically their senior year) in China as a capstone to their Chinese studies. For the first semester, students are directly enrolled in Nanjing University, working and learning alongside Chinese students, studying the academic subjects of their choice.

4. Internship

During the second semester of the capstone year abroad, students work at an internship in China arranged by The Language Flagship and customized to meet professional interests and goals.

5. Professional Connections

Essential to The Language Flagship is a rapidly expanding group of partners in higher education and business across the United States and around the world. Students participating in the Flagship Program develop significant professional connections both within the program and in China.