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Stage 1 Students

Josiah Fulton

Josiah is majoring in Informatics with a minor in Psychology and Chinese. He enlisted into the Army National Guard two years ago and has since completed basic and advanced individual training. Currently, he is working with the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps and plans to commission as an officer and work with military intelligence after graduation. A few of his interests include playing drums, watching Japanese anime, and listening to anything by Soda Green.


Mark Gaughan 高迈和 Mark Gaughan

Mark is a freshman from Naperville, Illinois. Mark intends on studying Environmental Science through the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at IU. He hopes eventually to be able to implement the knowledge that he gains from his Environmental Science degree in China, living and working in a country that inspires him. Mark has been learning Chinese since his Freshman year of high school, and this upcoming summer intends to travel to China for the first time to further practice practically using Chinese language. Mark couldn't be more excited to be attending IU, and to be a part of the Chinese Flagship Program. Mark's other interests include reading, cycling, and watching Bollywood movies.


Cecily Kemp 

Cecily is a freshman from Indianapolis, Indiana. She is currently majoring in International Studies and East Asian Languages and Cultures. She has always been interested in studying different cultures, and after studying abroad in France during high school, she discovered her passion for foreign language. After coming to IU, Cecily became fascinated with the Chinese language, and she is excited to grow closer to her heritage through her experiences in the Chinese Flagship Program. Cecily hopes to use the skills and perspective she gains in the Chinese Flagship Program to help facilitate communication between different peoples and cultures. In the future, she would like to help provide students with as many opportunities as possible to study foreign language, possibly working as a teacher of foreign language or a coordinator for study abroad programs. Cecily’s other interests include painting, drawing, and petting cats.


Sierra McGinness

Sierra is a freshman from Bedford, Indiana. She is majoring in East Asian Languages and Cultures with a focus in Chinese, and is a premed student. Her sophomore year of high school was spent in Pingtung, Taiwan as a Rotary Youth Exchange student. Having fallen in love with the people, the culture, and the language, she returned to Taiwan the summer after her junior year. Sierra plans on becoming a doctor and helping Chinese-speaking women both in China and the United States. She is very excited to be part of the IUB family and the Chinese Flagship Program.


Thomas Richter  (profile unavailable)


Claire Ringenberg  (profile unavailable)


Nate Stein  Nate Stein

Nate is a Freshman from Chicago, Illinois. He is a Direct Admit into the Kelley School of Business, where he plans to study Business Economics and Public Policy. Nate hopes to combine his knowledge of business with his planned mastery of the Chinese language to consult with companies operating in China on how they might better communicate with the Western world. Nate has been studying Chinese since his Freshman year in high school, and knows it will be a major part of his entire life. This summer, Nate plans to participate in the Flagship Chinese Institute at IU. He is excited to put his language skills to the test by giving up English for a full 8 weeks. Aside from his work in the Kelley School and with the Flagship Program, Nate is a member of the Hutton Honors College, and an avid participant in the Indiana University Student Association, Kelley Student Government, Chinese Business Association, and IU Culture of Care.


Thomas Trezek  (profile unavailable)


Selby Warren 王小碧

Selby is a sophomore from Belleville, IL. She is majoring in Chinese with a minor in Second Language Studies. She transferred to IU specifically for the Chinese Flagship Program in order to improve her language abilities as much as possible. After going to China for 8 weeks, she realized she wants to teach English in China so that she can help others learn a foreign language while also absorbing the culture. She also likes watching Chinese TV shows and music videos in order to try to learn new words. Her hobbies are reading, listening to music, and getting attached to fictional characters


Grant Whittier  (profile unavailable)


Stage 2 Students

Laura Baumann  Laura Baumann

Laura Baumann is a freshman from Bloomington, IN who plans to major in business, but is still undecided on her specific major. Her goal is to be able to use Chinese in her future career in business. Laura has been speaking Chinese since she was young with her mom, and going back to China to visit family every other summer. Her other hobbies include tennis and ballet.


Brian Butler  Brian Butler

Brian is a junior at Indiana University and originally from Chicago, IL. He began studying Chinese as a freshman in high school, where he quickly developed a true passion for the language and culture. While also playing on the IU Men’s Club D1 hockey team, Brian is a double major in Economic Consulting in the Kelley School of Business and Mandarin Chinese. Furthermore, he is a member of Beta Theta Pi and is, currently, the VP of Event Coordination for their philanthropy, Dropping the Puck on Cancer, which raises funds for brain cancer research. Upon graduation, Brian wants to begin a professional career in management consulting, where he can utilize his creative, analytical skills in order to help grow businesses in China.


Jennifer Chan 陈珍妮

Originally born in New York City, Jennifer Chan is now currently a sophomore at Indiana University majoring in EALC-BA with a concentration in Chinese. She originally had a different major but changed to Chinese because she loved studying it. In the future, Jennifer hopes to be fluent in Chinese to teach English to little children in China. Additionally, she wants to experience the different culture that she never had growing up in the states. Some of her hobbies include traveling, playing computer games, art, horror movies, and watching different T.V. shows. 


Kevin Chen 陳修平

Kevin Chen is a sophomore from Naperville, IL majoring in Information Process Management and Marketing in the Kelley School of Business. His journey began in high school in hopes of bolstering his Chinese language ability, and then soon turned into a passion for learning new concepts and ideas within the language. He hopes to apply his business knowledge in the future for business relations between China and the United States, and enjoys speaking with international students from China and Taiwan on a daily basis. Understanding their perspective and American perspectives on the two vastly different cultures has opened new horizons for him, and he hopes to continue to pursue them during his Capstone year. His hobbies include drawing, listening to music, watching Chinese movies with friends, swimming, writing, and playing video games.


Jenna Degner-Lopez 珍娜 

Jenna is a sophomore from Northern Virginia in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area. She is majoring in East Asian Languages and Cultures with a focus in Chinese. After completing Chinese 1-4 and AP Chinese in high school she traveled to China twice, including once on her own after junior year. Jenna is a Mexican American who loves the Chinese language, characters, and culture, and she is excited to expand her knowledge and proficiency through the Flagship program. Jenna is very interested in international relations and wants to travel as much as possible in the next four years. In the future she hopes to use her language skills in a career in foreign diplomacy. Jenna is an accomplished swimmer and runner and enjoys watching movies and making cupcakes.


Andrew Geib 葛安迪

Andrew is a junior from Elmhurst, IL. He is majoring in Finance at the Kelley School of Business and minoring in Chinese. He hopes to integrate his passion for Chinese and finance by working in China for a multinational corporation. Andrew started learning Chinese during his freshmen year of high school. This is where he discovered his love for new languages and cultures. In his spare time Andrew enjoys cars, volleyball, music, and spending time with his friends.


Steven Gilbert 古世文

Steven is a freshman from Pleasanton, California. He is currently majoring in Business and hopes to work both in China and the United States. He realized his love for languages after a six week volunteer trip to Panama and decided to take up Chinese once in college. He loves traveling and cultures and hopes to go to as many different countries as he can. In his free time he likes to play soccer, watch movies, listen to music, and hang with friends.


Stephen Hopkins

A sophomore from Cleveland, Ohio, Stephen began his Chinese studies in 10th grade.  Since then, he has solidified his passion for the language and culture of the region by traveling to China three times, including a six month stay with a host family.  At Indiana University, Stephen studies Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation, International Business, and East Asian Languages and Cultures with a concentration in Chinese.  In the future, Stephen has aspirations of working as a medium to connect American and Chinese businesses through translation and cultural interpretation.


Zack Ignoffo 尹承志  Zack Ignoffo

Zack is currently a Junior at the Kelley School of Business majoring in Economic Consulting, Technology Management, and Mandarin Chinese. He has extensive knowledge of foreign languages as he studied Spanish in high school; and in his sophomore year at Indiana University, he was admitted into the Chinese Flagship Program, which will continually increase his fluency in Mandarin Chinese throughout his college career and beyond. Zack’s interest in other cultures was inspired by his grandfather who frequently visits China for business, and through his experience in Tae Kwon Do (a South Korean martial art). Zack’s ideal career is one that allows him to travel and experience different cultures, while analyzing and solving problems within a company.


Grace Jaroscak 蔣格蕾

Grace is a sophomore from Chicago, Illinois.  She began studying Chinese as a freshman in high school.  In addition to studying the language during all four years of high school, she participated in the University of Chicago’s STARTALK Summer Language Institute in Chinese and the Chicago Public Schools’ Chinese Summer Language Institute at Shanghai’s East China Normal University.  Grace is double majoring in International Studies and East Asian Languages and Cultures with a focus on Chinese.  She plans to use her knowledge of Chinese language and culture in future career endeavors.

Drew Kunard 古吉威 

Drew grew up in the town of Sellersburg, Indiana. He began studying Chinese during his junior and senior years of high school and participated in the Chinese Language Institute at Indiana University during the summer before his last year in high school. He became familiarized with Indiana University and the Chinese Language Department while attending CLI. Now attending Indiana University, Drew is pursuing an East Asian Language and Cultures Major with an Accelerated Chinese Concentration, as well as an International Studies Major with a concentration on Global Development. Drew’s enjoyment of learning Mandarin stems from his deep interest in meeting other people. He feels that studying Chinese opens many doors, allowing for opportunities to build relationships around the world. Drew currently lives on campus at the Christian Student Fellowship House, where he enjoys connecting with other students, spending time with friends, and getting involved in the Bloomington community. After graduating, his long term goals involve living and working in China, while actively applying his language studies in everyday life. This upcoming summer Drew is excited to participate in the Inter-University Program in Beijing with the hope of greatly increasing his language proficiency.


Bohuie Esther Lee 李寳輝

Esther is currently freshman and am pursuing Biology B.S. major and Pre-med minor. She is interested in becoming an Oriental Medicine doctor, and is hoping to study the profession in China, hopefully in Beijing, for a more exclusive exposure to her interest. She was born in Virginia but lived in Bloomington, Indiana most of her life. She is Korean, but has learned Japanese for three years during high school and can speak English. As her hobby, she likes to draw animals and creatures, listen to music, read books, and watch movies and Korean television programs. She also is very enthusiastic about World Cup and soccer in general.


Emily Lisanti 安晓云  Emily Lisanti

Emily is a freshman pursuing a double major in both Accelerated Chinese and Marketing. She studied Japanese in High School while taking Chinese classes at the nearby college, spent a gap year before college in Shanghai with NSLI-Y (National Security Language Initiative for Youth), and hopes to work in international business with East Asia in the future. In her free time she likes to practice martial arts, eat exotic food, play violin, and travel. 


Steve Mackey 麥思凡

Steve is a junior from Zionsville, Indiana. He is majoring in East Asian Languages and Cultures with a focus in Chinese. After his under-graduate career, he hopes to pursue a graduate degree then work as a translator or an interpreter. In his free time Steve likes to listen to music, watching movies, or playing rugby.


Alex Mark 馬語嵐mark

Alex Mark is a sophomore majoring in East Asian Languages and Cultures in Japanese and also studies Chinese and Korean. Alex discovered his love for Japanese and East Asian culture through his high school Japanese class. Once more opportunities to study foreign language were presented in college, Alex decided to pair his Japanese language skills with Chinese and Korean. Alex hopes to travel the world, work as an interpreter, and learn as many languages and live in as many cultures as possible. In his spare time, Alex likes to workout, cook, sing and practice piano, and go out with friends.


Kelly McCarthy 麥楷妮mccarthy

Kelly is a junior from Zionsville, IN, double majoring in Political Science and Accelerated Mandarin Chinese. She first developed an interest in Chinese after taking beginning level language courses at her high school, and since coming to IU, her love of the language has continued to deepen and grow. Kelly has particular interests in Chinese and American political theory and legal studies, and she hopes to be able to use her language skills in a future career in foreign diplomacy and international law. She studied abroad in Beijing during the summer of 2013, and plans to complete her Capstone year at Nanjing University during the 2013-2014 academic year. When she has the time, Kelly enjoys swimming, running, beginning outside, and listening to Korean indie music.


Matima Muhammad 麥愛蓮  (profile unavailable)


Lucas Naegeli 賴吉利  (profile unavailable)


Anshu Panchal  (profile unavailable)


Jordan Sanner 善乔丹  (profile unavailable)


Anne Smythe (profile unavailable)


Rebecca Sun 孫恩智  (profile unavailable)


Ying (Christina) Wang

Ying (Christina) Wang was born in Nanjing, China, and moved to the United States at the age of 5. She is currently a sophomore majoring in East Asian Languages and Culture with a concentration in Chinese, and minoring in Creative Writing. She hopes to one day become a writer or work and live in China, or possibly both. In her free time she enjoys listening to music and writing.


Eleanor Wannemuehler 王莉诺

Ellie is a senior from Fishers, Indiana. She is currently majoring in East Asian Languages and Cultures with a concentration in Accelerated Chinese, and is pursuing a minor in Policy Analysis. Not completely sure about her academic direction, this soon changed after she took Chinese her first semester of college on a whim and fell in love with the language.  After college, Ellie plans on working in China for a few years to gain a better grasp on Chinese culture, and perhaps going to law school and work for the State Department at a later date. With designs of working for our government, she is sculpting her academic experience to have a background in both policy and the Chinese language, which includes studying Mandarin Chinese abroad in both Beijing and Taipei, and presenting her thesis paper on US-China Intellectual Property Rights in several international academic forums, both in Nanjing, China and Washington, DC. In her spare time, Ellie enjoys traveling, photography, chatting with friends and family, reading, running, and hiking.


Shema Wright

Shema Wright is a junior studying at Indiana University and is double majoring in International Studies and East Asian Languages and Cultures. Upon graduating she plans to work in China for a couple of years to further improve her Chinese. Afterwards she wants to go to business school then start her career in China. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and hanging out with friends.



Capstone Students

Christine Chambers 赵竹婷

Christie is a sophomore from Carbondale, Illinois. She is majoring in Mandarin Chinese and is studying Japanese as well. She hopes to be able to teach English as a second language in China before going for her master's degree. Christie has loved learning other languages for years, but until coming to IU was never able to take classes in any language other than Spanish. Christie also enjoys listening to and playing music, learning about history, reading, writing, sketching, and doing pretty much anything else that lets her use her imagination.


Michael Weiming Chan 陈伟明Michael Chan

Michael is a senior majoring in Information and Process Management and International Business though the Kelley School of Business.  Currently he is interning at Morningstar, Inc in Shenzhen, China. During his semester at Nanjing, he completed the Shanghai International Marathon, and this coming March he will be running the LiNing 10K in Shenzhen. Other hobbies and interest include traveling & eating.


Alec Eckert 安力

Alec is a senior majoring in Psychology and East Asian Languages and Cultures with a focus in Chinese. After graduating, Alec intends to pursue a Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. He hopes to work in both China and the US. In 2012, Alec spent his summer abroad in Taiwan studying Chinese at National Taiwan University, and traveling the Island. Currently, Alec is Interning at Tap4Fun in Chengdu, one of the largest mobile game developers in China. In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar, reading, and camping.


Madeline Hanley 韩玫

Madeline is a senior at IU majoring in Chinese and Fashion Design. As part of her capstone year she is interning in Shanghai for Christian Dior Couture. During her junior year of high school, Madeline moved to Hong Kong, where she developed a passion for Chinese culture—food, fashion, and Hong Kong’s national pastime of shopping. She began studying Mandarin in the summer of 2010 at the Flagship Chinese Institute at IU. In her free time, Madeline enjoys running, cycling with her Little 500 team, designing clothes, exploring Bloomington's local music scene, traveling, speaking French, and using her Mandarin skills on the mainland to bargain in markets in Shenzhen and Shanghai.


Betty He 何瑞莲

Betty is a senior from Indianapolis, Indiana who is majoring in East Asian Languages and Cultures with a concentration in Chinese and minoring in Tourism Management. She has studied abroad at National Taiwan University in the summer of 2012 and just previously finished her Capstone semester at Nanjing University in the fall of 2013. She is currently working at the Golden Eagle Summit Hotel in Nanjing as a Guest Relations Intern. After she graduates, she hopes to pursue a career where she can put her language skills to use as she can already speak English and some Cantonese. In her spare time, she likes to watch movies, play the piano, and read for pleasure.


Maggie Tucker 佟美心Maggie Tucker

Maggie is a junior at Indiana University majoring in Chinese and International Studies with a minor in Business. She attended two intensive summer language programs while at Indiana University, Associated Colleges in China and Middlebury Language Schools. For her International Studies major, she is focusing on Global Development as a theme and China as a region of study. In her free time, she likes to bike around Bloomington with friends and visit the different music and art shows.


William Vuylsteke 威廉 

Will is a senior with a language-based scholarship from Army ROTC.  He is majoring in East Asian Languages and Cultures and minoring in History and International Studies. Upon graduating, he hopes to commission active duty for the Military Intelligence branch. Afterwards, he intends to utilize his language capabilities and work in Hong Kong, where his family now lives. Will is also interested in furthering his Cantonese and Taiwanese speaking abilities. He was born and raised in Taiwan and lived there for sixteen years, and moved to Hong Kong where he graduated from high school. Will is a member of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity and an active participant in IU Hip Hop Connxion, College Mentors for Kids, and Chinese Calligraphy Club.