College of Arts and Sciences

Program Information

Indiana University's Flagship Chinese Institute is open to intermediate and intermediate-high students committed to participatory, experiential, and immersion-style learning.

Benefits of the summer institute include:

  • 4 hours of daily Mandarin language instruction
  • Daily individual tutoring
  • Immersion language environment supported by a Language Pledge
  • Intensive study allowing for one academic year of Chinese credit in 8 weeks (up to 8 credit hours)
  • Instruction provided by Indiana University's Chinese language faculty and Associate Instructors from relevant graduate degree programs
  • Engaging afternoon and weekend activities to enhance language and increase cultural literacy such as calligraphy, seal carving, martial arts, karaoke, poetry and Cultural Cafés with native speakers
  • Convenient on-campus housing in single rooms
  • External assessment to validate progress and quality
  • All participants receive in-state tuition rates for FCI courses