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Nanjing UniversityAn Introduction


Developed out of the undergraduate Chinese Flagship Program and Indiana University’s Chinese Language Program, the Graduate Chinese Flagship Program enables graduate students to attain and surpass professional-level Chinese language proficiency. Directed by Professor Vivian Ling, a leader in Chinese language and literature, the Flagship program is well-supported by Indiana University, an institution renowned for its commitment and excellence in the field of foreign language study.

The Chinese Flagship is seated within Indiana University’s Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures (EALC). The EALC’s unique structure provides an intellectual environment conducive for graduate Flagship studies. EALC is an interdisciplinary department with 18 China specialists covering a wide array of fields. These fields include language and literature, anthropology, politics, sociology, history, religious studies, ethnomusicology, and philosophy. Adjunct EALC faculty in the Schools of Business and Education provide additional curricular opportunities, as do ties with the School of Public and Environmental Affairs and individual faculty members in other departments.