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Course Requirements:

A minimum of 30 credit hours (including M.A. project hours) in approved courses, are requisite for graduation. Ordinarily, at least 20 of these credit hours, not counting thesis hours, must be from among the courses listed under “Chinese” (C-prefixed courses). Students are expected to complete a total of 18-24 credit hours in M.A. coursework during their initial year in the program.

The second year of the Flagship track requires students to complete a four month internship in China and one semester of coursework at Nanjing University in China.


Students must complete a major essay (40-50 pages) in their area of interest demonstrating the ability to master, use, and critically evaluate a body of scholarly literature. Flagship students must accompany their essay with a précis (10 pages) in Chinese. This work will be evaluated by a committee that will consist of two disciplinary experts and one faculty member whose expertise is in modern Chinese instruction.