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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Program is right for me?

  • Chinese Flagship Program
    If you are an undergraduate student at IU looking for the opportunity to attain professional-level Mandarin language proficiency.
  • Flagship Chinese Institute
    If you are an undergraduate OR graduate student from IU or some other institution desiring an intensive, eight-week summer program in Mandarin language and Chinese society

What is The Language Flagship?
The Indiana University Chinese Flagship Program is a comprehensive and intensive Mandarin language program funded by the Defense Language and National Security Education Office of the U.S. Department of Defense. The Language Flagship program at Indiana University provides students a means to cultivate superior Mandarin language skills as well as knowledge, experience, and leadership qualities that will facilitate long-term professional success in business, law, policy, and academia.

I am flying into Indianapolis. How do I get to Indiana University?
Shuttle service is available on a regular basis from the Indianapolis Airport. For further information please contact these companies directly: Bloomington Shuttle ( & Star of America Shuttle Service (http://

What can you tell me about campus & Bloomington?
For information about Indiana University Bloomington or Bloomington, please visit the following websites:
Indiana University Bloomington
Bloomington Visitor's Bureau