Participants take part in a learning exercise during the concluding reception of the 2003 FLP seminar.


The following is a brief description of FLC activities, which are designed for FLC Fellows in support of their teaching:

I. In spring

1) Fellows specify what students must be able to do to succeed at various learning tasks in their courses
2) Fellows share a time they were very successful in helping students learn
3) Fellows share 'bottlenecks' in their courses where students find it difficult to learn

II. In two-week summer seminar

1) Fellows complete daily readings and written assignments
2) Fellows observe a class in a discipline different from their own
3) Fellows interview an undergraduate student panel
4) Fellows develop/present an innovative lesson modeling new techniques they learned

III. Follow-up and subsequent years

1) Fellows continue to meet to support each other
2) Fellows take steps to spread the ideas they learned about teaching


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