FLP fellow Roger Innes thoughtfully considers new insight he has gained from the FLP seminar as he writes the required daily reflection.

Daily Schedule

To learn more about what goes on each day during the 2-week FLC seminar, download either of the following:

  • FLC 2003 Daily Schedule: (118 kb - Microsoft Word Document)
    This document, used by FLC co-directors to conduct the seminar, contains the details of the FLC seminar's daily schedule.

  • FLC 2003 Daily Assignments & Readings: (100 kb - Microsoft Word Document)
    This document consists of the daily assignments and readings that fellows are to complete prior to each day of the seminar. Fellows submit their assignments via e-mail an hour before the seminar begins each morning. Assignments are then printed and passed out at the seminar for all to preview.

Daily Questions

The FLC two-week summer seminar is organized around the following 10 Daily Questions:

Day 1
What steps in thinking do my students have to succeed in my course?

Day 2
How does the variety of disciplinary cultures affect student learning?

Day 3
Why aren't other disciplines normal?

Day 4
Not a Tabula Rasa: How does what students already know impede learning?

Day 5
What can be done?

Day 6
What are some active learning tactics?

Day 7
Can collaborative learning increase student learning?

Day 8
Can Structured Problem Solving Contribute to Student Learning?

Day 9
How can assessment improve learning?

Day 10
How can we share what we learned?


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