FLP fellow Julie Head, who teaches accounting to as many as 1300 students each semester, conducts a review session.


The positive impact of the program has been manifested in specific innovations in the Fellows' classrooms and in the spread of new approaches to teaching across the campus.

Fellows report that they have made and continue to make major innovations in their classes as a result of the FLC experience. They are raising their expectations and demanding more serious thinking in their large introductory courses.

Recharged with new ideas and enthusiasm, they are systematically spreading these innovative approaches within their departments, in associate instructor training programs, through campus-wide committees and initiatives, and in informal social interactions.

Key Stats

Key statistics evidencing the impact of FLC include the following:

  • 53 FLC Fellows (1998-2003)
  • Students taught: As of Fall semester 2001, 13,299 students were enrolled in course taught by 30 FLC Fellows in the College following their participation in the FLC Seminar. Fellows from 25 COAS departments taught a total of 75 100- and 200 level classes beginning with their FLC contact through Fall 2001.
  • $52,000 annual cost of 2003 program
  • 2003 Fellows are projected to teach 23,925 students in the next 5 years, at a cost of $2.17/per student.

Apparent in the following quotes, FLC significantly impacts participating faculty:

  • ". . . I really do feel a renewed sense of pride about teaching at Indiana University."
  • ". . . The FLC has empowered me to take risks in the classroom, to experiment with new ways of learning . . . . I have learned a great deal about the Freshmen who sit in my large lecture classes: things that I did not know even as a sociologist with 25 years of experience."
  • "I am VERY excited about introducing innovative teaching techniques to my classes. I learned that I can be a MUCH better teacher than I am."
  • "The FLC is a major jump start."
  • "I have irreversibly altered my view of how to teach effectively and have tried . . . to pass this view to others."
  • ". . . the FLC gave me new options - practical strategies for encouraging deeper, more lasting intellectual growth."

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