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First Nations Educational and Cultural Center
Unit of the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs

Welcome to the FNECC

The FNECC is open to everyone regardless of cultural, racial or tribal background. We attempt to create an identity politics 'free zone' where First Nations, Indigenous, and our non-Native allies can come together to pursue building community, academic achievement and cultural preservation.

Upcoming Events:

    Thursday January 21st at 12:30pm
    Spring Speaker series with Dr. Brian Gilley
    "Sovereignty and the Queer Challenge: Tradition and Cherokee Marriage Equality"

    Thursday January 21st , 4-5:30pm
    Speaker Series with Sean Gantt
    "The Awakeners: Choctaw Neo-traditional Revitalization Efforts in Mississippi"

    Thursday February 18th , 12:30pm
    Speaker Series with Wayne Huxhold
    "American Indian Research and Services Portal (AIRSP)"

    Wednesday February 24th , 12:30pm
    Speaker Series with Joe Stahlman and Fileve Palmer-Stahlman
    "Stirring The Pot: Bringing the Wanamakers Home"

    Wednesday March 2nd , 12-1:30pm
    NAIS sponsored talk with Michael McDonald
    "Masters of Empire: Great Lakes Indians and the Making of America"

    Wednesday March 9th , 12:30pm
    Speaker Series with Thierry Veyrie
    "The Digger Alterity during the Exploration of the Great Basin"

    Thursday March 24th , 12:30pm
    Speaker Series with Eduardo Brondizio
    "Indigenous and local knowledge and the UN Inter-governmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)"

    Wednesday March 30th , 12:30pm
    NAIS sponsored talk with Julie Reed
    "Cherokee Women and the Long Removal Era"

    Thursday April 21st , 12:30pm
    Speaker Series with Ricardo Higelin Ponce de Leon
    "Zapotec Human Remains or Ancestors? Descendant Communities and Cultural Heritage in Southern Mexico."

    Thursday April 5th , 7:00pm
    9th Annual Film series
    "Playground of the Native Son"

To sign for any events please contact us at or (812) 855-4814


The mission of the First Nations Educational and Cultural Center (FNECC) revolves around four central goals:

A slideshow displays here; you need Adobe Flash Player to view it. 1) To build a Native community within the University.
2) To provide educational opportunities that further awareness and recognize contributions of the First Nations people.
3) To enhance the recognition and reputation of Indiana University in American Indian. Alaskan Native, and Native Hawaiian communities.
4) To support and increase Native student recruitment and retention.

FNECC Address: 712 East Eighth Street, Bloomington, Indiana 47408 - FNECC Email: - FNECC Phone: (812) 855-4814

Upcoming Events

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