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Aija Veldre Beldavs (1941-2009)

Bēda, mana liela bēda,
Es par bēdu nebēdāju.
Liku bēdu zem akmena,
Pāri gāju dziedādama.
(Latvian folk song)

Sorrow, my great sorrow,
I didn't sorrow too long.
I placed sorrow under a rock,
And stepped over it singing.


It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Aija Beldavs,
a loyal and resourceful contributor to the work of the Folklore Archives at Indiana University. Aija made outstanding progress indexing the Student Paper Collection during the past three years. Thanks to this work, decades of student papers are now accessible via an Access database. Aija also provided valuable feedback on the instruments for classifying and indexing these materials; many of her suggested modifications in genre terminology have been incorporated into the Ethnographic Thesaurus, the definitive international protocol for organizing materials gathered from cultural performances. Aija was also assisting in the work to shift new submissions of student papers to digital formats.

Aija Beldavs was a leading scholar on Latvian tradition and culture. The community of folklorists worldwide, and particularly her colleagues at the Folklore Archives, will remember her and miss her important contributions. Folklorists and others will be pleased to know that Aija’s scholarly papers will soon be accessible at the Folklore Archives, an integral unit within the University Archives.

Link here for Aija's obituary.
Doctoral thesis "I Sing Out Nine, You're Working On One."


Vedat mani dziedādami,
Nevedat raudādami,
Lai iet mana dvēselīte
Pie Dievina dziedādama.
(Latvian folk song)

Take me singing, not weeping,
Let my soul go to God singing.


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