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The Center for Folklore Archives Research (CFAR), a joint enterprise of the Indiana University Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology and the Indiana University Archives, serves several important functions within our Folklore Archives. As a growing center for research and outreach activities, CFAR strives to go beyond preserving archival documents and to actively build on current holdings by creating dynamic presentations and exhibits deriving from the materials housed in the Folklore Archives.

Our aim is to make CFAR an indispensable resource on traditional and popular forms of thought and expression. With a core focus on student life at IU, and a wider emphasis on expressive traditions in the state of Indiana and more broadly, in the Midwest, CFAR offers a unique combination of resources associated with the art of everyday life as revealed in the expressive forms of folklore and ethnomusicology. Featured components of the Folklore Archives include the Ethnography Collection, with its extensive inventory of student fieldwork papers documenting campus life since the late 1940s; the Professional Papers Collection, consisting of the professional papers of prominent folklorists who either studied or taught at IU; the Departmental Papers Collection, featuring documents tied to the Folklore Institute and the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology at IU; and Special Collections, featuring a variety of significant holdings of expressive and traditional materials contributed to the Folklore Archives.

Through activities sponsored by CFAR, we seek to breathe life into these archival materials and celebrate the pivotal role played by faculty, students, and staff at Indiana University in the origin and development of both folkloristics and ethnomusicology in the United States.



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