Contacts, Dance Leaders, Teachers and Performers

Dance Leaders:

Andrea Morrison
Andrea is the group's faculty liaison, webmaster, and librarian. She teaches, programs, and is a member of the performing group. Andrea was a folkdance performer at Penn State University.
phone: 812-333-1550
e-mail: amorriso@indiana.edu

Elizabeth Venstra
Liz is the group's Departmental and technology liason. Liz has been folk dancing since 1991, and was a folkdance performer at Brigham Young University. She has been a member of the I.U. International Folkdancers since 1997. She teaches, programs, and is a member of the performing group.
phone: 812-825-8622
e-mail: erytting@indiana.edu

Head of the Performance Folkdancers:

Leah Savion
Leah has been dancing and performing in folkdance groups since childhood, most recently in Bulkanski Igre in Chicago for five years. She specializes in Yugoslavian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, and Israeli dances. She also teachers other types of dance. Leah has been dancing with I.U. International folkdancers for many years, and she leads the IU International Folkdancers performing group. She is the contact for questions about performances or demonstrations.
e-mail: lsavion@indiana.edu

Other Folkdance Teachers and Leaders:

Marion Sinclair
Marion has been a dedicated dancer with I.U. International Folkdancers since 1977. She is one of the most committed dancers in attending folkdance workshops and weekends, and has introduced some of the group's favorite dances. Marion also teaches and programs.
phone: 812-336-4486
e-mail: sinclair@bloomington.in.us

Vladimira Dragnea
Vladimira lives in Bloomington since 2001. With background in ballroom and modern dance, she started folk dancing in 1999 in Boulder, CO, where she was a member of two performing groups: Hora Romaneasca, focusing mostly on Romanian dances from different regions, and Postoley with repertoire of Ukrainian and Polish folkdances. She teaches at IU Folkdancers since 2001, focusing mostly on Romanian dances.
e-mail: vdragnea@indiana.edu

Gergana May
Gergana is a native of Bulgaria where she learned village dances from her grandmothers and other family members, and she has been dancing those all her life at weddings and any other occasions where one dances in Bulgaria. She has additionally been performing since she was six years old and became active in the American folk dance scene after she moved to the US in 1997. Most recently she was involved with Radost Folk Ensemble in Seattle (1999-2006) where she was a performer, instructor, choreographer and the managing director for three years. Gergana joined IU International Folkdancers when she moved to Bloomington in 2006.

Last updated: September 11, 2017