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Professional Employment


It is heartening to note that at the end of advanced studies in the Folklore Institute, students are finding good employment opportunities, in academic settings, in public folklore projects, and in a variety of fields allowing them to make use of skills acquired while in graduate school.

Over the past 5 years, more than 30 students with the doctorate from the Folklore Institute have received substantial professional employment. Roughly two-thirds of them have settled into tenure-track positions at universities in departments of folklore, literature, anthropology, communication, American studies, journalism, and ethnic and gender studies, as well as positions in libraries. A number of them have been employed as folklorists in public-sector positions such as arts councils, museums, archives, and research centers. Other ingenious graduates are finding jobs in business, industry, and government, in positions where their skills as thinkers, editors, interviewers, and ethnographers are useful and valued.

The employment situation looks promising, as the academy continues to show interest in the study and teaching of traditional artistic expression, and people throughout the country become increasingly concerned with issues such as community, a sense of place, local history, and traditional arts—all areas readily addressed by folklorists.