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Graduate F.A.Q.s

Prospective Students
International Students
Visiting IU

Prospective Students

1. What is the deadline for application to the department?

The deadlines for applications are December 1st for both international and domestic applicants. We only accept application for fall semesters. Please visit our admissions page for detailed information.

2. On an average, how many students does a faculty member advise?

We have an advising system where students choose a three-member advisory committee after the first year. In this context, most faculty members serve as the chair of the advisory committee for approximately 5-7 students.

3. Would coming to the department with an MA degree reduce my required coursework for the PhD program?

Students may transfer up to 30 credits from an MA to the PhD. Substitutions for required course work may be made with approval. Students should contact the graduate student services coordinator for detailed information.


International Students

1. When should I start planning to apply?

Ideally, you should begin the application process (inquiring with the department, researching outside funding opportunities such as Fulbright, taking the TOEFL or IELTS) a year before you plan to start the program. The deadline for applications December 1st. We only accept application for Fall semesters.

To allow for your TOEFL or IELTS scores to reach the university in time, you should take the examinations at two weeks before the deadline. These exams are scheduled depending on your country of origin.

2. Where can I get more information on admissions and being a student at IU?

The Office of International Admissions handles the admissions process for international students.

The Office of International Services provides comprehensive assistance and support for IU's community of international students and visiting scholars.

More information and resources about living in Bloomington as an international student can be obtained from the International Center.


Visiting IU

1. How can I plan a visit to the Department and IU?

To determine when to plan a visit, contact mmelhous @ (Michelle Melhouse). She will help you plan an itinerary. If you're an admitted student, please plan to visit in the spring semester on the department's Student Visit Day.

2. How can I find housing in Bloomington?

Individual or shared housing is available both on-campus and off-campus in Bloomington. Most on-campus apartments and residence halls are at walking distance from the department and also connected by buses. The Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) has comprehensive resources about on-campus and off-campus housing in different parts of Bloomington, in addition to other helpful information for incoming students.



1. What kind of graduate funding is available from the department and/or Indiana University?

If admitted, you will be automatically considered for various graduate assistantships (GAs) and associate instructorships (AIs) available to first year students in Folklore and/or Ethnomusicology. Visit our funding page for more information on these and other fellowships for which you may qualify.

2. Are there external funding opportunities for graduate work at IU?

Yes, it is possible for both incoming and current students to get funding from sources other that IU. Below are a few of these sources. You can get more information by contacting GradGrants Center.

a. Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships that fund graduate research on languages and cultures of specific foreign countries. Each year the United States Department of Education awards FLAS Fellowships to universities in order to promote the graduate training of students who intend to make their careers in employment where knowledge of foreign cultures is a prerequisite for success.
b. Mellon Fellowships
c. Fulbrights for U.S. and Non-U.S. students
d. Ford Foundation International Fellowships
e. Wennergren Foundation International Fellowships

3. How can I fund my field research?

There is minimal funding available for fieldwork in the department or at IU. Students are expected to seek funding from outside agencies. The department offers guidance to students in finding grant opportunities and writing proposals.

The University also provides assistant in grant research and writing through the GradGrants Center