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2013-2014 Annual Faculty and Staff Photo

2013-2014 Annual Faculty and Staff Photo

Front Row: Javier Leon, Daniel Reed, Pravina Shukla, Mellonee Burnim, Krystie Herndon, Diane Goldstein, Ruth Stone, Michelle Melhouse, Steve Stuemplfe
Back Row: Jason Jackson, Verlon Stone, Alan Burdette, Brandon Barker, Rebecca Dirksen, Mingjie Li, David McDonald, Kate Parker Horigan, Chris Roush, Sheri Sherrill, Jennifer Studebaker, Michelle Bright, Fernando Orejuela, John McDowell, Michael Foster
Photo by Lyn Jones

Core Faculty

Faculty Member Contact Research Interests Video Profile
Brandon Barker 510 N. Fess 202
Folklore and embodiment; folk illusions; material culture and embodiment; American vernacular and country music; children's folklore; folklore and contemporary theories of mind; American foodways; folklore and early American life; sociolinguistics of the American South  
Mellonee Burnim
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Spring 2016;
Director, Archives of African American Music & Culture

504 N. Fess Rm. 204

Black religious music and aesthetics; music in the African Diaspora  
Ray Cashman
Associate Professor
508 N. Fess Rm. 104

Ireland, UK, North America; oral traditions and verbal art; the ethnography of communication; performance studies; historical consciousness; commemoration; collective memory; nostalgia; politics of culture, identity, and tradition; sense of place and place-making; vernacular custom and material culture; theory, methodology, and ethics of fieldwork and ethnography  
Rebecca Dirksen
Assistant Professor

510 N. Fess Rm. 200

Haiti; African Diaspora in the Caribbean and Latin America; cultural approaches to grassroots development; creative responses to crisis, disaster, poverty, and violence; intangible cultural heritage protection; applied ethnomusicology  
Michael Dylan Foster
Associate Professor

506 N. Fess Rm. 202

Japanese folklore, literature, and film; monster and supernatural studies; legend; folklore and popular culture; ritual and festival; tourism; Asian folklore

WFHB Interchange Interview

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Diane Goldstein

508 N. Fess Rm. 301 via Rm. 206
Belief studies, folk medicine, folk religion, supernatural traditions, applied folklore, the ethnography of speaking, and narrative  
Jason Baird Jackson
Associate Professor; Director, Mathers Museum of World Cultures

506 N. Fess Rm. 103

Cultural endangerment and revitalization; material culture; belief and ritual; cultural history; verbal art; museum work; American and Native American Studies (Eastern North America) View Video
Alisha Lola Jones
Assistant Professor
508 N. Fess Rm. 205
Music and religion in the African diaspora; men's studies; gender and sexuality; identity; music industry; popular music; voice studies View Video
Jon Kay
Professor of Practice;
Director, Traditional Arts Indiana
501 N. Park Rm. 201
Public folklore; Indiana folklife; folk arts and aging; material culture; museums; occupational folklife; digital humanities View Video
David McDonald
Associate Professor

508 N. Fess Rm. 105

Israel/Palestine; performance ethnography; social theory; ethnomusicological study of violence and socio-cultural trauma

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John H. McDowell
Chair of the Department;
Director, Folklore Institute

504 N. Fess Rm. 202

Speech play and verbal art; the corrido of Greater Mexico; music, myth, and cosmology in the Andes; commemoration; folklorization; ethnopoetics; Latin America; the United States  
Fernando Orejuela
Senior Lecturer;
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Fall 2015

506 N. Fess Rm. 201

Hip hop music and culture; popular music; subculture studies; body art; youth cultures; children’s folklore; sports; game and play in culture; popular culture; pedagogy; United States


Daniel B. Reed
Associate Professor

506 N. Fess Rm. 101

Africa; music and religion; mask performance; ritual; identity; popular music; immigration; transnationalism; diaspora; music and health  
Gregory A. Schrempp

508 N. Fess Rm. 204

Myth, cosmology and worldview; comparative mythology; history of ideas; Oceania; North America  
Pravina Shukla
Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Studies

506 N. Fess Rm. 300 via Rm. 203

Folk art and material culture; body art; dress and costume; museum studies; food art and culture; India; Brazil; United States

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Ruth M. Stone
Director, Ethnomusicology Institute

504 N. Fess Rm. 203

Music as culture and performance; theory of ethnomusicology; Africa; the Middle East  
Sue Tuohy
Senior Lecturer

508 N. Fess Rm. 106

Ethnomusicology; film and music; intellectual history; music and socio-political transformation; music and culture in contemporary China; East Asia  


Visiting Lecturers

Lecturer Contact Research Interests
Robert Dobler 504 N. Fess 201
Folk belief and vernacular religion; contemporary legendry; forms and processes of commemoration; theories of grief and mourning; folklore and the Internet
Jennie Gubner  

Research Associate and Research Scholars

Faculty Member Contact Research Interests
Inta Carpenter
Research Scholar

Ethnic, exile, and diaspora identity; life story; cultural documentation /ethnography; applied folklore
Cornelia Fales
Research Associate

Ashton-Weatherly Rm. 304

Music cognition; timbre perception; historical concepts of timbre; music of Sub-Saharan Africa
Verlon Stone
Research Associate

510 N. Fess Rm. 300

Liberian collections

American Folklore Society

Indiana University
Eigenmann Hall, Rooms 602-610
1900 E. Tenth Street
Bloomington Indiana 47406-7512
Phone: 812-856-2379

Faculty & Staff Contact Areas of specialization
Tim Lloyd
Executive Director
Eigenmann Hall E604

Foodways; occupational folklore; history of the field
Lorraine Walsh Cashman
Associate Director
Eigenmann Hall E608

Paulina Guerrero
Membership Director
Eigenmann Hall E606


Archives of African American Music and Culture

Indiana University
Smith Research Center, Suites 180-181
2805 E. Tenth Street
Bloomington Indiana 47408-2601
Phone: (812) 855-8547
Fax: (812) 856-0333

Faculty & Staff Contact Areas of specialization
Mellonee Burnim
Director, Archives of African American Music and Culture Black religious music and aesthetics; music in the African Diaspora
Brenda Nelson-Strauss
Head of Collections/Technical Services Performing arts archives and recorded sound collections
William Vanden Dries
Administrator/Project Manager Audiovisual collections; digital archiving and preservation; information organization

Archives of Traditional Music

Indiana University
Morrison Hall 117 & 120
Bloomington, Indiana, USA 47405-3700
Telephone: (812) 855-4679
Fax: (812) 856-0193

Faculty Member Contact Research Interests

Alan R. Burdette
Director, Archives of Traditional Music

Morrison Hall Rm. 117

American vernacular music and dance; performance studies; German American singing societies; media and technology
Mike Casey
Associate Director, Recording Services
Rachel Caswell
Office Services Assistant
Marilyn Graf
Suzanne Mudge

Folklore Librarian

Faculty Member Contact Research Interests

Moira Marsh
Folklore Librarian

Wells Library Rm. E760

Librarian for Anthropology, Folklore, Sociology, and Social Work;  Witchcraft; humor

Society for Ethnomusicology

Indiana University
Morrison Hall Rm. 005
1165 E. 3rd St.
Bloomington Indiana 47405-3700
Phone: (812) 855-6672
Fax: (812) 855-6673

Faculty & Staff Contact  
Stephen Stuempfle
Executive Director


Marysol Quevedo
Program Specialist